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This Summer Promises an Excellent Season at Lake Balaton

Hungary Today 2023.05.30.

The abundant rains in May did not help spring tourism at Lake Balaton, but they paved the way for an excellent summer: the lake’s water level is now 117-118 cm, which guarantees that water quality will not be a problem this year, reports Pénzcentrum.

The website asked Tamás Fekete, vice president of the Balaton Tourism Association, about his forecasts for the summer season. According to Fekete, guests are already coming to Lake Balaton and a very good season is expected this year. The heavy rains in May were not favorable for hiking and trekking in the Balaton region, but it is hoped that it at least did good for agriculture.

Balaton with a view of Badacsony, Photo: Facebook LikeBalaton

On the issue of labor shortage, the vice president said this is an issue that comes up year after year, just like the water quality of Lake Balaton, and the price of sandwiches or ice cream.

Not that it’s not an important issue, but I’m convinced that the key to solving this problem is for business owners to treat their workers decently.”

He mentioned a demographic process that strongly affects the country: unfortunately, we are one of the nations where society is aging, so every year more people are leaving the labor market and the supply of new workers is decreasing.

However, according to Fekete, the sector is facing serious difficulties not only in Hungary and central and eastern Europe, but also elsewhere, and this is a constant challenge. However, most entrepreneurs have adjusted to this challenge.

Tourism is adapting and entrepreneurs are coping; I have not seen businesses close en masse here at Lake Balaton because there is a shortage of labor,”

explained Fekete.

Those who come to Lake Balaton for the first time this year must expect a price increase of about 20-30 percent. The reason for this is, among other things, domestic inflation, which remains well above 20 percent. The accommodation and service companies have felt the current developments several times, while they had to increase wages.

Photo: Facebook LikeBalaton

However, regarding this year’s prices, the vice president said that around Lake Balaton there are many settlements where the beaches are still free. So, if you plan your vacation consciously, you will find the right services that meet your expectations and budget, that’s for sure, said Fekete.

Discounts are everywhere, depending on frequency, group arrival or time interval, and it is worth to check in advance, as there is a whole range of possibilities.

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Via Magyar Nemzet ; Photos: Facebook page LikeBalaton

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