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There is no Need for a Uniform Europe, Stresses President Sulyok in Vienna

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.07.04.
Alexander Van der Bellen (L), President of Austria, and Hungarian President Tamás Sulyok

Hungarian-Austrian relations are excellent, the relationship between the two countries is based on strategic partnership and characterized by friendship, the Sándor Palace informed the press, after President Tamás Sulyok met his Austrian counterpart in Vienna on Wednesday.

Alexander Van der Bellen and Tamás Sulyok agreed that “in the current extraordinary times, it is more important than ever to maintain good and balanced cooperation between neighboring countries and to maintain regular and continuous contacts.” The two countries also enjoy excellent economic and cultural relations, based on a strategic partnership, centuries-old historical links and friendship, they stressed. The Austrian President also expressed support for the plan to establish a Hungarian-language secondary school in Vienna.

On the issue of traffic restrictions at the border crossings in Burgenland, the parties agreed on the common goal of solving the problem as soon as possible and ensuring the smooth flow of border traffic. To this end, constructive talks are ongoing between the two governments.

The Hungarian Head of State informed his Austrian counterpart about the goals of the Hungarian EU Presidency. The parties agreed on the importance of increasing the EU’s competitiveness, and both sides considered the accession of the Western Balkan countries to the European Union as soon as possible to be of the utmost importance.

Tamás Sulyok invited his Austrian counterpart to pay an official visit to Budapest.

Photo: MTI/Sándor-palota

In his speech in Vienna before the opening concert of the Hungarian EU Presidency, Tamás Sulyok stressed that it is vital that European values are not eroded and that “we continue to preserve them for the success of the European community.”

Photo: MTI/Bruzák Noémi

“We want to ensure a good life for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren, and for this we need a strong and stable Europe, proud of its values and with its people holding their heads high,” he said. He added: only in this way can peace and freedom be guaranteed and Europe “a place where we are at home and where we understand those with whom we share this home.”

There is no need for a uniform Europe: the free exchange of opinions is the hallmark of democracy,”

said Tamás Sulyok. He pointed out that the Member States are an integral and inalienable part of Europe, and that the strength, values and achievements of the European Union are rooted in the constitutions of the Member States. “Without sovereignty there is no democracy and no freedom,” he noted.

Tamás Sulyok also said that Europe as a whole is facing challenges and that each Member State will carry out its tasks and obligations as it sees fit, for the benefit of the whole community.

It is therefore unfair to challenge the good intentions of others and their deep concern for the future of Europe,”

the President stressed.

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Via MTI, Featured image: MTI/Bruzák Noémi

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