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“In Brussels, democracy has simply been stolen and the EU is run by NGOs. Big internationally funded NGOs are also holding politicians hostage. And whether you look at the media or at the NGO officials, you see no difference.” Judit Varga, the outgoing Justice Minister, who will lead the governing parties’ list for the 2024 EP elections, told Demokrata.

We have to get rid of this in Europe, the politician continued. “The Hungarian courage to expose them can help do this. Let us say you are an NGO, you get a lot of money for having a significant media presence, you pay MEPs to post your messages on social media, because that way you can create a kind of illusion. But that doesn’t make it true.”

The fight against NGOs will be particularly important in the future, and the NGO world needs to be exposed, Judit Varga stressed, who believes this also needs to be made a campaign issue. Just because someone says they are an NGO, does not mean they represent society, she explained. According to the rules of democracy and the rule of law, in political forums,

society is represented by those who run for election according to party political rules, who measure themselves and reach a threshold of support.

And those, of course, who have complied with transparency rules, party funding rules, and who do not have a big voice just because they are paid continuously, for example through the Open Society Foundations network.

EU Draft Law Provides Privileges for Representatives of "Open Society"
EU Draft Law Provides Privileges for Representatives of

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On the question of what the composition of the European Parliament will be next summer, the Minister said:

“I would rather start from the point of view of what we should do to ensure that the balance of power is in our favor in the vote next summer. What is certain is that

the polls, whether we are looking at internationals or Hungarians, are pointing to a shift in the conservative-sovereigntist direction.”

This does not yet mean an absolute majority, but the balance of power suggests that there could be many MEPs who come largely from the conservative, sovereigntist side of the political spectrum, but who do not belong to any of the classical party families, she added. It is clear from personal encounters, but also from reading comments on the Internet, that there are many voters in Europe who are not appealing either to the parties of left-wing progression or to the overly liberal populists, because they do not provide the answers that the silent majority wants, for example on migration, gender issues, and other important social matters, Judit Varga elaborated.

The situation is different here in Hungary. Fidesz-KDNP has answers to the most important questions that the vast majority of society, far beyond the support of the party alliance, agrees with. Be it the importance of the homeland, the nation, family policy issues, the protection of children, migration, and so on,”

the Minister recalled.

Meanwhile, the NGO-held center in Brussels seems oblivious to the reality of what Europe is all about. There is the issue of the migration package. Quotas, migrant ghettos, a sanctions mechanism for countries that do not accept newcomers, while in France, it seems as if a gloomy prophecy is already coming true – she concluded.

Hungarian Minister Talks Texan, According to Dallas Express
Hungarian Minister Talks Texan, According to Dallas Express

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