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The Schulz: Meloni and Le Pen Tamed, Orbán Cannot be Bought

Dániel Deme 2023.08.10.

Martin Schulz, the former German Social Democrat (SPD) leader and former President of the European Parliament, had given a long interview for the Frankfurter Rundschau, where true to form, could not stop himself from abstaining from derogatory remarks against European conservative leaders. A reply from one of those he criticizes, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, came swiftly.

In his native country sometimes affectionately referred to as “The Schulz”, the SPD politician had stated that the dream of bringing (Viktor) Orbán and (Jaroslaw) Kaczynski back into European politics is “unrealistic”. Referring to the EPP leader, Schulz said that Manfred Weber is about to create a situation in the EU Parliament that will make the future Commission president or president dependent on the Kaczynskis and Orbáns.

Schulz added “that these people have no value relationship to Europe, but a utility value relationship. The only way to win them over is with money, and

Orbán now gives the impression that even that no longer interests him, because “he lets himself be bought out by the Russians and the Chinese”.

The SPD politician also called on European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to do something about this.

Martin Schulz (L) with EC President Ursula von der Leyen. Photo: Facebook Martin Schulz

As far as Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is concerned, Martin Schulz had expressed an opinion that surprisingly coincides with the views of a number of commentators on the conservative side. He pointed out that Meloni “makes a bit of a racket internally”, but she is a reliable partner at the European level, meaning her policies are in tune with those supported by Schulz. The German politician also pointed out that that France’s Marine Le Pen (NR) no longer talks about leaving the euro and Alice Weidel (AfD) no longer talks about leaving the EU, but at most about restructuring the European Union. “This shows that the integration of Europe also disciplines right-wing populists”, claimed Martin Schulz.

Nice to see that @MartinSchulz came back from retirement. Now he wants to decide who is European and who is not. It seems that some people just cannot let go of #Communism,

tweeted Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in reaction to his past foe’s opinion.

While most commentators in Hungary have perhaps understandably focused on Viktor Orbán’s reply to Mr. Schulz, it is his assessment of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni that is really damning from a national conservative perspective. He is pretty much stating that the Italian politician had made a little “racket” at home to attract right-wing and conservative votes, but has become a “reliable partner” for the Brussels left-wing mainstream.

Giorgia Meloni (R) with Viktor Orbán. Photo: Facebook Viktor Orbán

Schulz’s damning verdict over Orbán and Kaczynski might in fact sound as a reassuring endorsement for Hungarian and Polish voters who voted national-conservative and got national-conservative,

but highlighting a fact that politicians such as France’s Marine Le Pen and Italy’s Meloni have been “disciplined” by Brussels once they got to power on the back of right-wing votes will further erode confidence in European conservative political parties.

Giorgia Meloni's Political U-turn is Being Noticed in Budapest
Giorgia Meloni's Political U-turn is Being Noticed in Budapest

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Via FR; Featured Image: Facebook Martin Schulz

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