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Titian – The Rape of Europa

Instead of effective border protection measures, ambassadors of 27 EU member states have chosen the path of leaving the continent’s doors wide open at a vote in Brussels yesterday. Germany was at the center of pushing through the current proposal which would mean a mandatory migrant distribution system in Europe, serving as the base agreement for further negotiations at the European Council and Parliament.

It was all over in 13 minutes, but the consequences of yesterday’s vote might have just sealed the fate of European civilization for generations. In effect, the delegates have voted to accept unlimited mass migration from the third world as a fact Europe’s indigenous societies, nations must accept, even though it will mean that their way of life, democratic and legal system will disappear presumably within just a few decades. To accelerate the process, the EU ambassadors have voted for a migrant redistribution process to even out the social and security pressure brought about by the enormous numbers of arrivals, which will force migrants even on those nations who have actively resisted the system, and chose to protect their borders instead.

The topic of “population replacement” that only a decade ago was regarded by most as a far-fetched conspiracy theory will, after Wednesday’s vote, look like an entirely plausible description to what is just being institutionalized. With only two countries opposing the proposal, Hungary and Poland, and the usual suspects wrapped in the all-too-convenient cloak of neutrality, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, abstaining from the vote, the rest of Europe have voted to go down the path of the least resistance.

Even Italy, that is bearing the brunt of the work of government funded German NGO boats’ relentlessly taxiing migrants to its shores has eventually bowed to German pressure, and voted for the migrant redistribution system. The German delegation had fobbed their criticism off simply by saying that “saving lives at sea is a legal, humanitarian and moral duty”, despite the fact that organized sea rescues have been linked to increased migrant deaths in the Mediterranean.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen welcomed the agreement, and stressed that the whole pact should be approved before the end of the European Parliament’s legislative term next year, preempting a possible shift to the right, especially in Germany.

Simultaneously, the new EU asylum and migration package was also on the agenda in Strasbourg, where during a session of the European Parliament, the EU commissioner in charge urged the distribution of migrants. “We need a binding EU asylum solution between member states,” said EU commissioner Margaritis Skinas, who added that swift border procedures and the reception of migrants would solve all difficulties and problems, reported hirado.hu. How ushering millions of illegal migrants through our borders and settling them in our societies would solve “all difficulties and problems” with increased crime, sexual violence, economic burden, social tensions and religious fundamentalism, Skinas did not explain.

“We cannot turn Europe into a fortress”, Green Group co-president Philippe Lamberts said, adding that the EU was partly responsible for the migrants’ departure and that safe and legal entry routes should be developed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, EPP leader Manfred Weber also backed the pact, while sending the following message to anti-immigration countries. “Africa is poor, Europe is rich, and as long as this continues, migration will continue. But we can manage migration,” said the German EPP leader, who also alleged that the winner of the Slovak elections Robert Fico and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán want to change Europe.

The absurdity of Weber’s statement perhaps best epitomizes the mindset currently dominating the EU institutions. What he says simply does not make any semantic sense, it is contrary to basic logical inferences. While the feeble attempt at the end of his statement, in which he diverts attention to the only European politicians determined to preserve their nations’ way of life and sovereignty, is only a sing of how deeply the EU’s leaders have got entangled in their own contradictions, impotence and failure.

However, not all MEPs support Brussels’ plans on migration. A French National Rally MEP said that

the EU’s migration package threatens the sovereignty of member states.

“The Brussels administration has not set a precise figure for the upper limit for the transfer of migrants between member states, which could lead to unlimited resettlement,” French MEP Jean-Paul Garraud pointed out. Spanish Conservative and Reformist Group politician Jorge Buxadé Villalba also pointed out that migrants are increasing violence and insecurity in the EU.

It is not the left-wing politicians who support migration who are bearing the consequences of the wrong decisions, these politicians are in fact helping illegal migration, which is a billion-dollar business,”

he pointed out, calling the authors of the migrant quota proposal “maniacal multiculturalism believers”.

Hungary will not allow migrant ghettos to be created on its territory because others in the European Union do not protect its borders,”

Balázs Hidvéghi said after the EU debate on migration. The Fidesz-KDNP MEP continued by pointing out that illegal immigration is now a threat to the most fundamental values and achievements of the European Union. Immigrants are putting public security and people’s everyday well-being at risk.

Council of Europe Hell-bent on Enforcing Broken EU Asylum System in Hungary
Council of Europe Hell-bent on Enforcing Broken EU Asylum System in Hungary

The Strasbourg based body has not voiced similar concerns about the lack of EU asylum policy enforcement towards any other Member State.Continue reading

Via Hirado.hu; Featured Photo: Titian – The Rape of Europa; Wikipedia

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