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On Monday, the Hungarian team competing at the Olympic Games in Paris starting on July 24 took the Olympic oath in Budapest.

Three-time Olympic champion sabre fencer Áron Szilágyi and World and European champion swimmer Boglárka Kapás spoke the words of the oath at the ceremony in the Palace of Arts, where Olympic champion wrestler Tamás Lőrincz held the Hungarian flag between them.

Áron Szilágyi, Tamás Lőrincz and Boglárka Kapás (L-R). Photo: Facebook/Team Hungary/MOB-Média/Szalmás Péter

Zsolt Gyulay, President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB), asked the athletes to experience the Olympic Games not as a burden but as an opportunity to get the most out of their participation. He wished the athletes present to be able to say that they had done their best. He also announced that

the Hungarian flag would be carried by handball player Blanka Böde-Bíró and judoka Krisztián Tóth at the opening ceremony on July 26.

President Tamás Sulyok also spoke at the ceremony. The members of the Hungarian Olympic team are heroes for us, the best in their sport, role models, he said. It is a joyful occasion for the entire nation when a Hungarian athlete achieves world-class success through his or her Olympic performance, he stressed. The President emphasized that the Olympics is a competition of competitions.

It is the time when the most beautiful chapters in our sporting history are written by those who take the lead at the finish line, who break records, who step onto the podium, and in whose honor the Hungarian anthem is sung.”

He expressed his gratitude that the Hungarians have won their place among the world’s best athletes, that they are fighting and showing how to perform at the highest level. “They are the ones who can stand their ground among the world’s top athletes, who can beat others and themselves, of whom we are proud, for whom every Hungarian heart beats in unison,” the head of state pointed out.

Tamás Sulyok stressed that

millions of our compatriots are cheering for the victory of Hungarian athletes.”

“With their struggle, they bring untold joy to the Hungarian people, and they also give an unforgettable experience to those children who see you as role models and heroes to be emulated, who are now planning their own future following the example of the Hungarian athletes at the Paris Olympics,” he said.

“Your participation in the Olympics will unite the nation,” the President emphasized, adding that they will give us all strength, show that there is only one Hungary, that we belong together.

Walls become invisible, which should never separate one person from another, Hungarian from Hungarian,”

he added.

He reminded the audience that Hungary has gone to as many Olympics as it has come home with gold medals, and “we have won an average of seven gold medals.” “We trust that they will hang many glittering medals around their necks this time too,” the President stressed.

The Paris Olympics will be held from July 26 to August 11, and Hungary currently has 180 quotas or participation levels in 21 sports for the summer games.

Paris Team Outnumbers the Tokyo One Twenty Days before the Olympics
Paris Team Outnumbers the Tokyo One Twenty Days before the Olympics

The athletes will take their oaths in a ceremony on Monday. Continue reading

Via MTI, Featured image: MTI/Kovács Tamás

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