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The European Parliament Is Heading in a Totalitarian Direction, Claims MEP

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.01.22.

“The European Parliament has moved in a totalitarian direction, the most basic democratic rules are broken, not only Hungary is being attacked, but also the European Commission for negotiating or agreeing with Hungary on certain issues,” said Fidesz MEP Balázs Hidvéghi in his interview on Kossuth Radio’s Sunday Newspaper (Vasárnapi újság) program.

Balázs Hidvéghi said that the European Parliament’s inability to accept that Hungary’s position differs from that of the body on “the most burning issues.” As an example, he mentioned the war or the issue of support for Ukraine, and moral issues such as LGBT propaganda and child protection, that he believes are starting to undermine European cooperation.

The politician stressed that it is necessary to be able to live with differing opinions, but that

threatening to take away Hungary’s voting rights was “the end of everything.”


The European Parliament adopted a resolution on Thursday last week stating that the body will seek legal means to block the EUR 10.2 billion payment agreed for Hungary. Among other things, the resolution stipulates that the EU heads of state and government should decide whether the country’s voting rights should be revoked. The resolution has been adopted by 345 votes to 104 with 29 abstentions. However, the resolution is no more than a political declaration and is not legally binding for the European Commission.

The European Parliament’s resolution condemning Hungary is merely a pressure exercise, “partly a campaign of loud voices,” Hidvéghi said.

The withdrawal of voting rights could be initiated by the European Commission or by one third of the Member States and would require a unanimous decision in the Council. There is virtually no realistic chance of this happening,”

he added.

In his opinion, the debate in the European Parliament is characterized by personal attacks, completely unfounded extremist statements, and a total rejection of the opinions of others. This is “the way the Soros network works,” he added. “This network has infiltrated the European institutions through various organizations and activists: the Parliament, the EU Court of Justice or the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights, is becoming increasingly violent against dissent, no longer even practicing basic tolerance and stigmatizing anyone who expresses an opinion different from its own,” the politician explained.

Hidvéghi also pointed out that the European Council is facing a very important decision in the coming days on how to support Ukraine. The European Commission has previously proposed a four-year pre-financed amount of EUR 50 billion. Hungary, on the other hand, says that it would be much better not to do this through joint borrowing, but outside the EU budget, and to dispense it in the short term, as it is not known how the war will develop, and what will happen in political life.

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