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The Day Germans Start Learning Hungarian as They Seek Shelter in Europe

Hungary Today 2024.01.05.

Hungary’s migration policy has been praised by readers of Die Welt, who are fearful of how their country will be transformed by migrants. Many say that the majority of Europeans have long agreed with the Hungarian position, and that only those in the bubble of left-wing ideology would choose a different path, Mandiner writes.

In an interview with Die Welt, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s chief advisor on homeland security, György Bakondi, warned of an increased risk of terrorism due to illegal migration. “Germany’s misguided migration policy since 2015 has made this possible in the first place,” Bakondi said in the interview about the threat of terrorism. The advisor also spoke frankly about how he foresees a bleak future for Western Europe if there is no turnaround, due to the spread of political Islam.

Readers of the German newspaper commented on the interview, expressing their views. It seems that they shared the advisor’s opinion:

I believe that learning Hungarian makes sense for those who want to live freely and without fear in Europe.”

This and similar statements can be read in the comments section.

Several people wrote that they wanted to learn Hungarian, while one reader hoped that his children would be able to leave Germany as he felt sorry for them because of the future they were facing. “In relation to Hungary’s controversial migration policy, the adjective ‘controversial’ should be positive. Hungary has done everything right,” some wrote, while others asked why Hungary’s position should be controversial if the majority of the European population agrees with it.


On New Year’s Eve riots broke out in Germany, particularly in Berlin. People attacked police with firecrackers, rockets, and bottles on New Year’s Eve, making Molotov cocktails and chanting pro-Palestinian slogans, Die Welt reported. Almost 400 people were arrested. In some German cities, ambulance services were also attacked.

The vast majority of them also agree with Bakondi that migration management in Germany has failed, and are pleased to note that “not everyone is as blind” as German politicians. In their view, all sane people knew that this would be the consequence of open borders and that Germany would be transformed beyond recognition, and today almost the whole continent is awake, only the “German left-green government is in a deep sleep.”

They take care of the migrants so that they can live like the rich without working. This is probably unique in the history of the world,”

one reader complained, while another pointed out that Islam does not want to belong to Germany, it wants Germany to belong to Islam.

Someone wrote about the fact that children with migrant backgrounds are now in the majority in primary schools, while even in Berlin they were shocked to see that, apart from pharmacies, there were only migrants everywhere, many of whom did not even speak German.

Soon we will have to protect ourselves from those who have sought protection in Germany,

one of the readers pointed out, while another reacted that finally someone outside the bubble of left-wing ideology was voicing the opinion that not all refugees are “real,” especially those who have come to Europe with weapons in their pockets.

“Anyone who has been to Budapest recently knows that the Hungarian way is the only right way,” one of them wrote, according to Mandiner. Another reader pointed out that in Hungary, they still think of their own citizens above all else.

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Via Mandiner, Die Welt; Featured image: Pixabay

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