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Survey Shows Increase in Sleep Deprivation in the Population

Hungary Today 2023.10.26.

A joint survey by the Hungarian Sleep Association and Danish retail chain, JYSK, reveals that six out of ten people sleep poorly, a quarter of the population wake up tired in the morning, and sleeplessness is life-threatening.

György G. Németh, President of the Hungarian Sleep Association, pointed out that based on international research, the amount of sleep per capita is decreasing significantly, while the number of sleep-deprived nights is increasing by 13-15 nights, posing serious consequences, reports Magyar Nemzet.

However, good sleep is an essential part of overall health- without it, mood disorders, heart problems, obesity, or even diabetes can be developed, among other illnesses,

the sleep expert stressed.

An annual follow-up study conducted by the Hungarian Sleep Association and Synapse Health Research between 2020 and 2024, showed that the quality of sleep among Hungarians is deteriorating. Photo via Pixabay

This year, nearly 40% of the population consider themselves to be excellent or rather good sleepers. However, only 4% of Hungarians have normal sleep quality. 20% of the population think they sleep rather badly or very badly, an increase compared to the previous year.

The objective classification here also paints a gloomier picture, with 60% of the population falling into the severe or very severe category in terms of sleep quality. On average, Hungarians sleep 6.8 hours on weekdays and 7.6 hours on weekends.

The survey also showed that women have more and more severe sleep problems than men. Such common symptoms include daytime sleepiness, waking up in the night, difficulty falling back asleep, and waking up tired in the morning.

Despite these problems, only 7% of the population have consulted a general practitioner about sleep problems and only 2% have seen a sleep specialist. Yet 4% of the population suffers from sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. This oxygen-deprived condition can occur up to 60 times an hour, not only shortening lives, but also reducing their quality. Interrupted sleep means that our brains cannot organize our bodies, leaving us tired and unfocused all day.

In Hungary, since 2015, legislation has required sleep disorder screening at the time of driver license renewal.

Every year, hundreds of road accidents in Hungary are caused by falling asleep behind the wheel. A few decades ago, sleep problems were not considered a disease, but nowadays, medical science considers “abnormal” sleep as a pathological condition, just like cardiovascular problems.

Photo via Facebook/György G. Németh

Hungary’s biggest sleep lab is at the Military Hospital – State Health Center (Honvédkórház) in Budapest, where more than 100 people a day seek help for sleep problems, and two to three thousand new patients are registered every year. More than 10,000 night and day tests are carried out every year, an average of 30 per day. However, many people do not seek help, which can lead to tragedy.

Experts have pointed out that among the things that help people sleep,

bedroom furniture also plays an important role.

It also matters what type of blanket people sleep with, how warm it is or how heavy it is. Moreover, for the pillow, it is crucial that it provides adequate support. If someone sleeps on their side, a high pillow is good, giving the head adequate support. If someone sleeps on their back, it is important to have a low pillow that primarily supports the neck.

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