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Stricter Rules for Drones to Protect Critical Infrastructure

Hungary Today 2023.06.26.

The Hungarian drone strategy, regulating the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, will be submitted to parliament in the autumn, Index reports. The Hungarian Drone Coalition (MDK), led by László Palkovics, will prioritize the role of defense and develop a protocol for protecting critical infrastructure.

According to Index, the Hungarian Drone Coalition (MDK) has elected a new board.

The new chairman is László Palkovics, who founded the MDK in 2021, as Minister of Innovation and Technology.

László Palkovics, Photo: Facebook/VEKE

The Drone Coalition has over sixty members, including several ministries, background institutions, advocacy bodies, academia, and industry.

The MDK is planning to submit a drone strategy to the National Assembly in the autumn, according to several reliable Index sources. Defense would feature prominently in this strategy, according to the news site. The Russo-Ukrainian war has proven that drones are an important tool of modern warfare: they are relatively inexpensive to produce and can be used effectively both in the battlefield and in detection.

It is important to include protection against critical infrastructure,

a source told Index. Critical infrastructure is an asset or system whose functioning is essential for the delivery of vital societal functions, health, security, and the economic and social well-being of people. Examples include the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, the MOL Danube Refinery, various health care facilities, and the supply and distribution of drinking water.

Paks Nuclear Power Plant, Photo: Facebook/Péter Szijjártó

According to information provided to Index, the Drone Coalition would establish a protocol on what to do in the event of a drone attack on important, strategic institutions.

MOL Danube Refinery Photo: Facebook/MOL

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, is unregulated throughout Europe. A number of privacy, personal rights, and data protection issues are raised.

In addition,

it should be established whether drone flying is a dangerous operation, and rules should be established on who can train and test drone pilots.

According to the EU, if Member sSates deviate, they can only be stricter in their legislation than the European Union, but not in  contrast to it. This means that Hungarian laws and regulations and EU rules must be interpreted together.

The Hungarian Drone Coalition also aims to make Hungary a model for the application of the EU’s uniform legislation by creating the right legal environment. The members and founders of the organization are convinced that decisive action is needed in this area to strengthen domestic businesses and technology.

Hungary is a high-tech country, said László Palkovics, the new chairman of the MDK, in a closed meeting.

He said

an important goal is to make the country a world leader in the use and production of unmanned vehicles.

According to Index, the organization’s members have voted to organize an international drone conference in 2024, when Hungary will hold the rotating presidency of the EU, where industry players from around the world are expected to attend.

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Via Index.hu; Featured image: Pixabay.com

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