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Special Wine Glass Developed for the Legendary Tokaji Aszú

Hungary Today 2023.12.14.

A new Hungarian-developed, handmade wine glass has recently been unveiled, presenting a completely new, elegant, and sophisticated face of Tokaj’s most unique treasure, the aszú, reports turizmus.com.

“One of the world’s most beautiful wines can only be matched by a glass of the highest quality,” says Gergely Ripka, author of the international award-winning TokajGuide, who spent a year preparing the project, which was the result of a thorough professional and inter-professional consultation.

“The best part of this story is that here in Hungary we had the main professional partner, Halimba Crystal, that deals exclusively with handmade chalices of premium quality, mostly for foreign markets, but was happy to support the initiative.”

Photo via Facebook/TokajGuide – TM

In several rounds, we selected shapes that were definitely not suitable for aszú, then in two rounds we selected the perfect one from the existing ones, and then the completely new ones; these were tested with several wines,”

stressed the author of TokajGuide.

“During the final test in August, not only a narrow team, but also many producers from the Tokaj wine region in northern Hungary, a total of 40 professionals tested the five candidate glasses with no less than 30 types of aszú wines,” the inventor noted.

A three-part short film was also made about the development workshop.

The glass was unveiled on December 8 in Tarcal (northern Hungary), with the support of the Hungarian Wine Marketing Agency.

The tests showed that the shape of the glass, in addition to its graceful appearance, brings out the best of all sweet Tokaj wines in terms of aroma and taste.

Furthermore, lucky consumers will be able to experience this unique experience in restaurants, wineries, and wine shops.

Tokaj wine region. Photo via Facebook/Tokaj Borvidék Fejlesztési Tanács


Tokaji Aszú is one of the best-known naturally sweet wines in the world. In 16th-century Tokaj, there were already specific descriptions of the production of sweet wines and the vineyards in the region that were the most suitable for cultivating grapes to produce aszú. Tokaj was the first wine region in the world to regulate the origin of its grapes and thus its wines.

While it is undoubtedly true that aszú pairs well with most desserts, it also pairs well with roasted meats thanks to its wonderful texture. This typically includes goose and duck liver; however, meat from large game animals can also accompany a beautiful aszú wine. Chestnuts, figs, cottage cheese, and citrus fruit can all harmonize with it, while many people also say it pairs well with sweet, aromatic cigars.

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Via turizmus.com, Featured image via Facebook/Magyar Bor

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