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The opposition Socialists will file an appeal with the Economic Competition Office over high prices at the beaches of Lake Balaton, Socialist (MSZP) MP and party director Zsolt Molnár told a press conference broadcast on Facebook on Thursday.

At the press conference, held in front of the entrance of one of the beaches, Molnár said that a ticket cost 1,700 forints (EUR 4.8), while parking outside was 300 forints (EUR 0.84) an hour.

The Socialists “represent the 99 percent that want no barbed wire or fence around natural waters” and protest the government and property developers “taking opportunities away from future generations”, he said.

Károly Lukoczki, a candidate of the Socialist-Párbeszéd alliance in the opposition’s preselection before next year’s parliamentary elections, said his parties would “do everything to ensure that Lake Balaton and other natural waters are accessible to everybody and not just to the privileged”.

MSZP Requests Constitutional Review of Lake Balaton Construction Regs
MSZP Requests Constitutional Review of Lake Balaton Construction Regs

The gov't is taking advantage of this clause and endangering the natural environment around the lake while "transferring properties to their buddies," party director Molnár said.Continue reading

Zoltán Vajda, another candidate, urged that tourism should be sustainable and lambasted local businesses “aimed at making guests pay through the nose, at all cost, with no regard to the environment”.

featured image: Zsolt Molmár in Velence earlier; via mszp.hu