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Semmelweis University and NATO MILMED Forge New Alliance

Hungary Today 2024.04.29.

Semmelweis University and the Budapest-based NATO Center of Excellence for Military Medicine have entered into an agreement to organize and coordinate joint training, professional events, and the development of new medical and health simulation models for both civilian and military training, according to the university’s website.

Signed by Rector Dr. Béla Merkely and NATO MILMED COE Director Colonel Dr. László Fazekas MD in the Senate Hall of Semmelweis University, this agreement marks a renewal of the decade-old cooperation.

Dr. Merkely emphasized the interconnectedness between Semmelweis University, with its more than 250-year tradition, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, established in 1949.

Both entities share a core mission: the protection of people.

Notably, Hungary played a pivotal role in establishing the NATO Military Medical Center of Excellence in Budapest fifteen years ago, with Semmelweis University being the first civilian institution in Europe to join in 2011. This longstanding collaboration has been fruitful, and the new agreement aims to strengthen and expand it further.

Col. Dr. László Fazekas MD and Dr. Béla Merkely signing the cooperation document. Photo: Semmelweis Egyetem /Barta Bálint

“We aim to organize additional joint training sessions, develop new simulation models, and integrate each other’s expertise into our courses while providing access to these courses for our staff,” emphasized Dr. Merkely.

Semmelweis University has been at the forefront of simulation training since 1995, boasting world-class skills laboratories that offer high-quality training opportunities for NATO military doctors.

Recently, the Department of Pathology, Forensic, and Insurance Medicine hosted the Center of Excellence’s Emergency Management of Battlefield Injuries course, facilitating discussions on protocols and treatment options for battlefield injuries.

Throughout history, Semmelweis University and its students have played significant roles in representing the nation during conflict situations, epidemics, and world wars, which is deeply ingrained in the institution’s identity,” noted the university’s Rector.

The NATO MILMED, an international organization comprised of twelve member states, focuses on educational, experiential, and doctrinal development in military health.

Semmelweis University, as a key partner, has already accredited NATO MILMED training courses.

Col. Dr. László Fazekas MD and Director of the NATO Center of Excellence in Military Health, highlighted Hungary’s twenty-five-year NATO membership and the significant expertise accumulated in battlefield care from conflicts in the Middle East and Afghanistan. He emphasized the importance of training during peacetime and viewed the agreement as a significant step in providing high-quality training for representatives of all NATO member states.

Following their remarks, Dr. Béla Merkely and Dr. László Fazekas signed and sealed the cooperation agreement in the presence of university leaders and NATO representatives.

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Via semmelweiss.hu; Featured Image: Semmelweis Egyetem / Barta Bálint

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