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Several Hungarian Universities Make COVID-19 Vaccination Mandatory for Students

Péter Cseresnyés 2021.09.09.

In the past few weeks, several Hungarian universities, including Semmelweis and the University of Debrecen, have decided that students will only be allowed to start their health education courses if they have been vaccinated.

Semmelweis University has announced in a short statement that it will require its students to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to be able the start their semester.

“Medical and health science education are inconceivable without practical training, when students learn and participate in providing care in pharmacies, or at the bedsides of patients or injured people. It is unacceptable and contradictory to the vows of the first-year students to put their vulnerable fellow human beings at risk by not doing all in their power to protect themselves and their environment,” according to a university statement.

If a student, however, cannot get the vaccine for a valid medical reason (for example, a pregnant woman in her first trimester), the university will offer to carry out an antigen test every five days free of charge.

Students who refuse the vaccination without a valid medical reason certified by a medical specialist, may enroll at Semmelweis University but will not be allowed to start their studies, stated the higher education institution.

The University of Debrecen made a similar decision a few weeks ago, based on a law passed at the end of July making vaccination compulsory for healthcare workers.

Coronavirus Vaccination Mandatory for Health-care Workers
Coronavirus Vaccination Mandatory for Health-care Workers

The decree pertains to all unvaccinated health-care workers, including those in ambulant care, hospitals, the ambulance service or diagnostics, and employees of private and public institutions.Continue reading

In a notice to students, the institution announced that vaccination is mandatory for all those studying at the University’s Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Health, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Public Health, or attending their preparatory courses, as well as for Hungarian and foreign students who enter health or social institutions for their studies.

Featured photo via semmelweis.hu/Balázs D. Kiss