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Secretary of State Criticizes Italian Media for Portraying Alleged ANTIFA Activist as a Martyr

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.04.03.
A CCTV footage of the vicious attack of which Salis was allegedly part of.

The Secretary of State for International Communication and Relations emphasized the need to clarify the facts surrounding the alleged ANTIFA activist, Ilaria Salis’s case in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

Zoltán Kovács stressed that Roberto Salis, Ilaria Salis’s father, had been touring the European press since mid-February, expressing “concern” for his daughter’s safety while she was in Hungary. He mentioned their application for house arrest in Italy, which Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó stated would be decided by an independent court. The Secretary of State added that the competent court in Budapest rejected Salis’s request for house arrest last Thursday, citing a risk of her absconding or going into hiding.

The prosecution is now seeking 11 years in prison for the defendant.

“Why is that?” the Secretary of State asked. He explained that there are reasonable grounds to suspect that Ilaria Salis traveled to Hungary with two far-left acquaintances to assault innocent people on the streets of Budapest. He criticized the Italian press for portraying Ms. Salis as a martyr.

Facebook / Kovács Zoltán

Mr. Kovács also recalled Minister Szijjártó’s statement from a month earlier, expressing shock at Italy’s attempt to influence a Hungarian court case. He emphasized the premeditated nature of the crime, quoting the Foreign Minster’s assertion that it was a planned act, not a crime committed in the spur of the moment. He highlighted the seriousness of the situation, with almost fatal consequences for the victims, contrasting it with the portrayal of Ms. Salis as a martyr.

We must make it clear that no one, no extreme left-wing group, should view Hungary as a place where they can plan to cause harm,”

Kovács wrote.

He also dismissed the notion that a single direct appeal from the Italian government or a major media outlet to the Hungarian government would affect Salis’s defense, reiterating that the government, like in all modern democracies, has no influence over the courts.

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Via MTI; Featured Image: Facebook

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