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Schengen System Could Collapse without Border Protection, Says PM’s Advisor

Hungary Today 2023.08.10.

If we fail to guard the border against illegal immigrants, not only will the security of the Hungarian people be at risk, but the Schengen system will also collapse, the Prime Minister’s chief advisor on internal security said on public television M1 news channel. György Bakondi added that the Schengen system is based on the very idea of heavily guarding external borders to ensure that internal borders are not controlled, reports Hirado.hu.

The advisor stressed that the European borders are under attack and there is no information that the number of illegal migrants is decreasing. He underlined that in this situation, the European Union is not prioritizing the safety of the European people, but rather the legalization and automatic distribution of migrants between Member States. The EU wants to persuade Member States to create migrant camps, he pointed out.

György Bakondi was also a guest on Kossuth Radio, where he said that

the number of illegal immigrants apprehended this year has already exceeded 86,000, and the number of migrants apprehended daily has risen from 300 to 400.

Illegal Migrants Are Getting Increasingly Violent Near the Border
Illegal Migrants Are Getting Increasingly Violent Near the Border

One person was killed and two injured in a shootout in Hajdújárás, Serbia, when migrants fired shots near the Hungarian border.Continue reading

The mass of illegal immigrants is not only a threat to Hungary, but also to many other European countries. Migrants continue to attempt to reach the Italian island of Lampedusa in droves across the Mediterranean, typically in life-threatening dinghy boats.

Forty-one people have died in recent days after the sinking of a boat on their way to Italy from North Africa,

Italian news agency ANSA reported on Wednesday. The four survivors – two men, a woman, and an unaccompanied minor – were rescued by the Maltese-flagged cargo ship Rimona and handed over to the Italian coastguard, who then transported them to the island of Lampedusa. The survivors, from Guinea and the Ivory Coast, told rescuers that they had set off from Sfax in Tunisia for Italy. They said that three children were among the victims lost at sea.

Over the weekend, two boats carrying migrants were involved in an accident off the island of Lampedusa. Around 30 people, including two children, were missing in the accidents, a woman and a child were found dead, while 57 people were rescued.

The flood of migrants is also causing problems in Britain, with boats also being used to cross La Manche. Last year, a record number of around 46,000 migrants entered the United Kingdom illegally, while a further 30,000 crossings across the Channel were prevented by the French authorities.

The British authorities are now trying to accommodate migrant men aged between 18 and 65 on a 222-room barge while they wait for their asylum applications to be processed.

The converted barge is located in the port of Portland, in the county of Dorset in southern England, and can accommodate 506 people. However, it has divided the population and is not supported by local and international NGOs, who claim it would be difficult to evacuate everyone in time in the event of a disaster in the narrow passageways. Yet, the first small group of asylum seekers has boarded the controversial barge called Bibby Stockholm this week, reports the BBC.

There are currently more than 50,000 illegal immigrants in the UK waiting for their asylum applications to be processed, who are currently housed in hotels. This costs British taxpayers six million pounds a day, Hirado.hu reports.

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