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Savaria Historical Carnival Awaits Lovers of Ancient Traditions and History in August

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.07.10.

The Savaria Historical Carnival will be held between August 22-25 this year, offering 388 program elements at eight main and 22 accompanying venues, the organizers announced at a press conference in Szombathely (western Hungary) on Tuesday.

Savaria is the Roman name of the city of Szombathely, celebrating the ancient traditions and history of the city founded by the Romans and the preservation of its historical heritage.

András Nemény, Mayor of Szombathely, noted at the event held in the History Theme Park (Történelmi Témapark), one of the main carnival venues, that the carnival is a true community experience, created by the communities living in the city, with local NGOs, companies, churches and of course the city government taking part in the organization.

The program of the event is both a continuation of what has worked well in previous years and an attempt to innovate.

Stefánia Grünwald, Managing Director of Savaria Turizmus Kft., said that this year’s headliners on the main stage will be the Punnany Massif, Európa Kiadó and Irie Maffia.

The highlight of the carnival this year will be the costumed torchlight parade on Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m., recalling the main stages and decisive events in the history of Savaria and Szombathely with hundreds of participants in costume.

Savaria Historical Carnival. Photo via Facebook/Savaria Történelmi Karnevál (Official)

The Managing Director also pointed out that the History Theme Park will once again be the scene of clashes between the Roman legions stationed there. There will also be gastronomic and musical experiences in the “Wine Street” and the “Beer Square”. Families can enjoy children’s activities in the Kalandváros (adventure park) and in Gayer Park, offering evening chamber theater performances for adults.

Soma Horváth, Deputy Mayor of Szombathely, who is also responsible for culture, stressed that a stage for street musicians will be set up in Thököly Street, contemporary orchestras will perform in Kossuth Lajos Street, and an unusual exhibition of milk jugs will be opened.

Photo via Facebook/Savaria Történelmi Karnevál (Official)

Ottó Sosztarits, deputy director of the Iseum Savariense (archaeology museum), noted that in addition to learning about the rituals related to the cult of Isis, visitors can take a walk through the garden and the permanent exhibition of the ancient gods’ favorite fruits. A guided tour is followed by a tasting of fruit dishes.

Iseum Savariense. Photo via Facebook/Iseum Savariense Régészeti Műhely és Tárház

Rita M. Kapornaki, artistic secretary of the Weöres Sándor Theater, reported that the Carnival Theater’s performances will invite the audience on a historical journey called Szórakoztató Szupergála (Entertaining Supergala), which will mostly talk about the past, but will also deal with the present and even the future of the city.


Szombathely is the oldest recorded city in Hungary. It was founded by the Romans in 45 AD under the name of Colonia Claudia Savariensum, and it was the capital of the Pannonia Superior province of the Roman Empire. It lay close to the important “Amber Road” trade route. The city had an imperial residence, a public bath and an amphitheater. In 2008, remains of a mithraeum (shrine of Mithras) were discovered.

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Via MTI; Featured image via Facebook/Savaria Történelmi Karnevál (Official)

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