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Russian Ambassador to BIH Says Russia ’Has Plans against NATO,’ Specifically Mentions Hungary

Hungary Today 2022.03.22.

A Russian ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina said that Moscow is “assessing the geo-strategic situation” and will respond to threats, including the possible membership of Bosnia and Herzegovina in NATO. He also specifically mentioned three members of the alliance: Croatia, Poland, and Hungary.

Igor Kalabukhov, the Russian ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, said in a recent TV interview that Moscow has “plans” against NATO.

The Russian Ambassador said BiH has the right to decide whether to join the western alliance, but Moscow reserves the right to respond.

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“I have already said… let me assume, for example, Bosnia has become a member of NATO and Brussels decides to put nuclear missiles aimed at Moscow there,” Kalabukho said.

“We will assess the strategic situation and that is why I think that the way out must be the European system, not NATO, he added.

If Bosnia and Herzegovina decide to be a member of any association, it is an internal affair. But another thing is our reaction,”

the Russian ambassador noted.

When asked why Russia is “not bothered” by neighboring nations that are already part of NATO, he answered:

How do you know we have no plans against Croatia, Hungary, Poland? We have plans against NATO. We are assessing the geostrategic situation, looking at where the threats are coming from and reacting.”

The Hungarian government has not yet responded to the Russian ambassador’s comments.

Meanwhile, opposition LMP politician Péter Ungár has asked Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó whether he considers it acceptable “that a Russian diplomat threatens our country with a military strike.”

In a Facebook post, Ungár wrote that the Russian diplomat’s comments should not be without consequences.

“No one wants to be dragged into war. But we cannot allow diplomats from any country to threaten our homeland with military action, especially when that country has just invaded one of our neighbors,” the politician of LMP said.

Featured photo via Péter Szijjártó’s Facebook page

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