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Robert Fico’s Attacker Allegedly Disturbed by the Slovak Leader’s Attitude towards Hungary

Hungary Today 2024.05.24.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (R) with Robert Fico in Budapest in January 2024.

The Slovak press has obtained the court decision to remand Juraj Cintula, the suspect in the attack on Robert Fico. The document details how he prepared for the attack.

Markíza has obtained an anonymous court decision to remand the attacker of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico to custody, the Hungarian-language Slovak daily Új Szó reports. As they write, Juraj C. claims that he decided to attack the Slovak Prime Minister on Monday, but that he did not intend to kill him, only to injure him.

Investigators have several witness statements, including one from a woman who spoke about Juraj C.’s attitude towards the Prime Minister.

According to her, the attacker was disturbed by the Prime Minister’s attitude towards Russia and Hungary.

“Specifically, his attitude towards xxxxxx, that he had good relations with them, he did not like the fact that xxxxxxx had negative comments about the European Union. The witness also claimed that she was aware that xxxxxxx had written on Facebook that ‘xxxxxx must be stopped,'” the court order said.

According to the witness, Juraj C. used to practice with his gun at a weekend house and on several occasions threatened her with death when they disagreed on something. She confirmed that the assailant had previously taken part in political demonstrations.

The portal reports that the prosecutor said the suspect committed the attack with a legally possessed gun, for which he had obtained the bullets himself. “He prepared two magazines and clearly acted with the intention of inflicting serious, life-threatening injuries to the victim,” said the prosecutor, pointing out that Juraj C. targeted the lower part of the Prime Minister’s torso, where vital organs are located.

He did it out of revenge because he disagreed with the government’s policy,”

he added.

As to the reason for the remand, the prosecutor referred to the witness’s testimony that when they disagreed on something, Juraj C. would raise his voice and threaten her with death. According to the prosecutor, there was therefore a suspicion of continuation of the crime, not only against constitutional officials, but also against other persons who did not share the same views as the suspect.

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Via Új Szó, Featured image: Facebook/Orbán Viktor

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