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Rheinmetall to Produce Air Defense System for the Hungarian Lynx

Hungary Today 2023.12.21.

German group Rheinmetall has received a contract worth EUR 30 million from Hungary for the production of its Skyranger 30 air defense system for the Lynx KF41 mobile air defense vehicle, the company has announced. The document has been signed on December 15 in Budapest.

The customized development of the Skyranger 30 turret and the integration of additional effectors for the Lynx armored vehicle is a response to the current threat situations around Hungary, adding a new member to the Lynx family.

The contract highlights the German group’s global leadership in short-range air defense – an innovative driver for the continuous development of state-of-the-art air defense systems.

Rheinmetall’s Skyranger 30 is the ideal solution for contemporary scenarios involving the countering of drone attacks and other aerial threats.

The Lynx Skyranger 30 will be a ground-breaking air defense system based on the proven Lynx fighting vehicle. The integration of the state-of-the-art system will result in an even more effective and versatile air defense capability.

The Lynx Skyranger 30 offers an optimal combination of mobility, survivability, flexibility, and accuracy, capable of countering challenging new threats in the short and very short range.

The system is also compatible with a number of modern guided missiles such as the Mistral, Stinger, and Chiron.

Armin Papperger, Rheinmetall’s CEO, pointed out that “…with the Skyranger 30, Rheinmetall is making an important contribution to the customers’ security and self-defense capabilities. (…) The Lynx Skyranger 30 delivers cutting-edge performance and can counter a wide range of threats, including ballistic missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.”

The Lynx KF41. Photo via honvedelem.hu

The Lynx Skyranger 30 is being developed by a highly skilled team of Rheinmetall engineers and expert technicians from various units. The group has many years of experience in the development and integration of air defense systems and is determined to further enhance its leading role in this field.

The development contract also represents a capacity expansion for Rheinmetall’s Hungarian subsidiaries.


In 2020, an agreement was reached on the purchase of around 218 Rheinmetall Lynx KF41 combat vehicles for the Hungarian Defense Forces. Under the terms of the contract, all but the first 46 units will be produced in Hungary, specifically in a factory built in Zalaegerszeg (western Hungary).

The German defense giant is working closely with the Hungarian government and companies to produce the aforementioned Lynx infantry fighting vehicle, the world’s newest and most modern vehicle in its class. The most important piece of the Lynx’s remarkable main armament is the 30 mm automatic machine gun, which can fire programmable ammunition with a range of up to 3,000 meters. In parallel, a 7.62 millimeter machine gun can also be found on Lynxes. In addition to the main armament, there is a 12.7 millimeter remote-controlled weapons platform, as well as space for armor-piercing missiles on the turret.

This development project is part of the European Sky Shield Initiative (ESSI), with the purpose of significantly increasing Europe’s air defense capabilities in the coming years. ESSI aims to improve the ability of Europe’s NATO member states to defend themselves against air attacks. To achieve this quickly, ESSI member states are jointly planning to procure, deploy, and maintain the appropriate hardware, including radar systems, automatic cannons, and surface-to-air missiles.

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