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Rewriting Rules to Reflect Ideologies is Dangerous, Warns Justice Minister

Hungary Today 2023.11.28.

No one will be allowed to use alleged legal excuses to undermine the values of Hungarian society, or to deprive Hungarians’ rights through legal and financial blackmail, the Minister of Justice told szon.hu, news site of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, in an interview.

In response to the news portal’s question on the impact of bringing the administration of justice in sync with the administration of justice on the practice of law enforcement, Bence Tuzson said: “That is why I have set up three committees, each of which examines the current jurisprudence, what judgments have been handed down in the field of civil law, criminal law, or even administrative law, and how they have been in line with the legislative intent.”

The minister said that the results of these examinations would be included in the proposals he would submit for the unification of legal practice and could also be used in the legislative work.

This will make it easier for the courts, but also for ordinary people, so that they do not necessarily need a legal expert to interpret fundamental cases and the law that applies to them.

“We should not react too quickly to the changing world, because there is a potential for error,” said Tuzson, adding that the aim is to create rules that provide a firm reference point and guidance. It is also important that the rules are well-interpreted and can be applied in the long term, the politician explained. “But of course, there are situations that require an immediate response from the legal world,” he added, citing the Russian-Ukrainian war or the pandemic as examples. “The challenges of life need to be responded to, but with the aim of strengthening a stable legal environment for the long term,” he concluded.

Bence Tuzson: "Our sovereignty must be maintained"
Bence Tuzson:

The minister made a point regarding current EU ruling according to which Hungary can expect penalties.Continue reading

Asked whether illegal border crossing can be a fundamental human right within the context of the protection of life, he said that there are international rules that clearly describe who can be granted refugee status. He continued: “Those who are persecuted and have to flee their country of origin must be helped. However, what we are seeing in Europe and globally is an attempt to rewrite the rules in accordance with ideologies.”

They are throwing away the original definition of concepts such as ‘refugee,’ thereby devaluing and destroying the concept of assistance

Tuzson pointed out.

He noted that the system of rules adopted is based on the otherwise Christian value system of helping the persecuted, and this is the basis for state legislation everywhere in the developed world. However, some left-wing ideologues are twisting the meaning of the concepts, and are also imposing refugee status on illegal economic immigrants and migrants, even though the two have nothing to do with each other, the minister stressed.

“We need to see the underlying intentions and interests that could tear apart the world we used to know, the world we used to live in peacefully. It is a very dangerous process and they are trying to gain ground more and more aggressively in more and more places in the world.” The minister added that this must be stopped, and that the law must be brought back to common sense and the original meaning of the concepts must be restored.

Tuzson pointed out that Hungary’s consistent stance is finding a wider and wider circle of support in more and more countries, and added that it is enough to observe the change of mood in the Western press, the statements of politicians, and the reactions of the masses to the crisis.

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EU's Position on Migration Approaching Hungary's View, Says Minister Bóka

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Via szon.hu, Featured image: Facebook/Tuzson Bence

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