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Republican Politician: Globalism Is an Existential Threat

Hungary Today 2023.05.04.
Kari Lake

We need strong countries that stand up to globalism; with unique cultures, unique people, strong individuals, said Kari Lake, one of the most popular conservative politicians in the United States, on public television channel M1 on Wednesday morning before the CPAC Hungary conference, which starts on Thursday.

Kari Lake, a candidate for governor of Arizona, said, “the US media, which is the mouthpiece of the globalist agenda, wants us to be divided, they are lying about President Trump, and they are lying about Hungary.”

But Hungary has a very popular prime minister who helps families to live well,”

the politician continued.

She said it is great what is emerging from the conservative movement, thanks to populist leaders who put the people of their country first. “We live in dangerous times, but we see leaders who stand out and do the right thing for their people; Viktor Orbán is one of them.”

She noted that she is pleased that more and more mothers and fathers are standing up and saying they do not want to accept the pressures of globalism. “We love conservative ideals because they support the family and make our state stronger,” Kari Lake stated. She stressed that

globalism is an existential threat and that Hungary is a good example of what a country can do when it puts the people first, not “those who line their pockets with taxes”.

The Republican politician pointed out that what is happening in Ukraine is a very big potential risk for Hungary but also for America because “our wealth and our money are being used to finance a third world war.” Expressing his sharp views, Kari Lake said that Joe Biden is a disaster for the United States, and indeed for the whole world, because he is allowing invasion.

She added: “those who speak the truth, who speak peace, are ostracized by the fake news media.

In America, the media has been derailed, they are spreading lies about what is happening in Ukraine or even in Hungary, and they are going after those who are telling the truth,”

the conservative politician emphasized.

Kari Lake said that “what we will hear at CPAC is that individual countries have to come first, that we need talk about peace, force Zelensky and Putin to the negotiating table, and that there has to be an immediate ceasefire.” She added that it was great that Hungary wanted to broker peace and had offered to host a peace meeting.

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One of the biggest international meetings of the right, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) will be held in Budapest on 4-5 May. This year’s keynote speaker will again be Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. This year’s conference motto is “United we stand” and the focus is on international cooperation between national forces.

Among the speakers will be Kari Lake, who is seen as a possible vice-presidential candidate for Donald Trump, and Tucker Carlson, a recently fired Fox News anchor, will join the conference online. Carlson also sent a video message to last year’s CPAC Hungary, and he had many guests on behalf of the Hungarian government several times on his evening show in recent years.

Other guests to appear on stage include former Czech and Slovenian prime ministers Andrej Babis and Janez Jansa; Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro; Herbert Kickl, leader of the Austrian Freedom Party; congressmen Barry Moore and Paul Gosar, among others.

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Hungarian Conservatives Aim to Lead the Way

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Featured photo via Twitter/Kari Lake

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