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Quota Secured: Rowing’s 92-year Olympic Streak Unbroken

Hungary Today 2024.05.22.

The Hungarian Rowing Federation (MESZ) has announced that Hungary will definitely qualify for the Paris Olympics, but the results of Tuesday’s race will determine whether the country will qualify in the men’s or women’s single sculls.

At the last qualifying regatta in Lucerne, Switzerland, Zoltána Gadányi and Bendegúz Pétervári-Molnár finished ninth and tenth respectively in the women and men’s events, writes Index.

In the single sculls, a quota was reserved for host France, but as both the men and women’s teams of the hosts managed to qualify,

the quotas are allocated to countries that have not yet qualified for the Olympics. However, a nation can only win one extra quota,

according to a statement from the federation, as quoted by MTI.

Zoltána Gadányi. Photo via Facebook/Magyar Evezős Szövetség – Hungarian Rowing Federation

Like the Hungarians, the Slovenians, who are still without a quota, qualified in Lucerne for the last twelve in both events. In the men’s B final, Isak Ivan Zvegelj beat Pétervári-Molnár, who finished ahead of Quentin Antongelli of Monaco, who is also without a quota. In the women’s A final, Nina Kostanjsek reached the final, while Gadányi beat Turkish Elis Özbay in the B final.

“As it stands, Slovenia will have to choose between men and women.” If the Slovenian federation “lets go” of the women’s quota, then Zoltána Gadányi can prepare for Paris; if the men’s event, then the quota goes to Bendegúz Pétervári-Molnár.

Bendegúz Pétervári-Molnár. Photo via Facebook/Magyar Evezős Szövetség – Hungarian Rowing Federation

What is certain is that the Hungarian Olympic qualification is guaranteed,

the federation highlighted.

Hungarian rowing has been represented at every Olympics since 1932, where a Hungarian Olympic delegation has been present.


Rowing was originally part of the program for the 1896 Athens Olympics, but due to bad weather conditions it was cancelled. However, rowing events have been held at every Games since then. Women have been competing for Olympic medals in this sport since 1976.

Hungary has competed on twenty-two occasions. The best results are Károly Levitzky’s third place in single sculls in 1908, Mariann Ambrus’ sixth place in single sculls in 1976, and second place for Zoltán Melis, József Csermely, György Sarlós, and Antal Melis in 1968.

At least 160 Hungarian athletes are now guaranteed to compete in Paris.

Hungarian Team Celebrates 150 Quotas 100 Days before the Olympics
Hungarian Team Celebrates 150 Quotas 100 Days before the Olympics

There are still many qualifying tournaments.Continue reading

Via Index, MTI; Featured image via Facebook/Magyar Evezős Szövetség – Hungarian Rowing Federation

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