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Pro-Peace MEP’s Must be Elected to the European Parliament, Says Viktor Orbán

Hungary Today 2023.06.02.
“60 is not bad, but 70 will be even better”, states the Prime Minister’s own birthday message

In his usual Friday morning radio talk, Viktor Orbán said that the opportunity for positive change in Hungary’s economy will come next year, at the European Parliament elections. He stated that if pro-peace MEPs are elected, and there would be a ceasefire, inflation would fall faster – reported Magyar Nemzet.

The European Union today is incapable of creating peace, so we need to make a change”,

Viktor Orbán reiterated.

The EU is proposing to destroy the Hungarian economy, he also pointed out, in response to the European Commission’s recommendation that the Hungarian government should scrap the utility price caps. “Hungary must stand up for its own interests”, the Prime Minister said. He stressed that any proposal that leads in the direction of austerity must be rejected, and indicated that the national budget is a nation’s competence, not the EU’s business.

As we are living in a time of war, we must defend ourselves, hence we must protect jobs, the value of pensions and families. That is why next year’s budget will be a defense-budget, Viktor Orbán added.

The Prime Minister stressed that inflation will not go down on its own, it must be brought down. This is a big commitment for the government. By the end of this year, inflation must be single digit. The head of government’s words refer to the fact that the country’s current inflation rate is around 24%, although the Forint, the national currency, is holding strong against the main foreign currencies.

Viktor Orbán emphasized that the war was also being fought on the energy market and as Hungary is the fastest growing country in the region, it is the one that needs the most energy. The rise in energy prices also has serious consequences, weighing in on the rate of inflation significantly.

The head of government drew attention to the danger of the narrative of Gergely Karácsony, Budapest’s liberal Mayor, who has been continuously repeating the phrase that Hungary is “at war with Russia”. Orbán said that there is a beyond-party consensus about the importance of Hungary maintaining its pro-peace stance.

File Photo: Facebook/Gergely Karácsony

Sooner or later people will force peace in the European elections as well, because the majority of people are not pro-war, in fact, the number of pro-peace people is growing by the minute, the politician claimed. The prime minister explained why he will be proven right later. European politics has its rhythm – he said. During the 2015 migration crisis, we were the only ones who said “no”, but years later others acknowledged Hungary was right from the start. It will be the same concerning the question of the war – the Prime Minister noted. He was confident that this moment is not far away. If you are Hungarian, you must stand your ground, you must stand up for what is right. History shows that when we have failed to do so, we have lost, the Prime Minister reiterated.

In response to the European Parliament’s plans to take over from Hungary the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union, Mr. Orbán said that this was not a matter for the European Parliament, as it falls outside of their competences.

"The European Commission Has No Say" in Matters of Domestic Utility Price Caps

Finance Minister Mihály Varga and Gergely Gulyás, Minister of the Prime Minister's Office hold the government info jointly.Continue reading

Via Magyar Nemzet; File photo: Facebook/Orbán Viktor

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