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Prison Visits Possible again but Only with Immunity Certificates

Ábrahám Vass 2021.07.06.

While visits in Hungarian prisons are allowed from July 1 on, they are subject to a valid immunity certificate both on the part of inmates and their visitors, according to a recent statement from the Hungarian Prison Service Headquarters (BvOP).

As a consequence, inmates may only receive visitors if they have either been vaccinated or have recovered from the infection already. In addition, only 14 days after getting the second jab or the official date of recovery.

Similarly, entering as a visitor is tied to a certificate too. Moreover, only adults (over 18) are allowed in for the time being, while PCR tests are not accepted as replacements to the immunity certificate.

BvOP explained the ruling to Telex by arguing that there was a high risk of spread of infection in such closed communities. Therefore, they seek to introduce any softening step by step in order to minimize risks.

According to data made public at the end of April, some 65% of the prisoners, 11,351 people, have registered for the jab and would receive the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine.

On the other hand, online “visits” are still possible, through Skype. Those able to receive visitors can talk for up to 30 minutes a month. Those unable to do so can Skype for a maximum of 60 minutes for up to twice a week.

According to HVG’s report issued in May, some 5 prison employees and 13 inmates have died from the coronavirus.

featured image illustration via Tamás Vasvári/MTI