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Prestigious International Circus Arts Festival to Start Next Week in Budapest

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.01.03.
Group Tightrope Walkers Antik will perform breathtaking tricks on the wire at the festival.

The Budapest Circus Festival will be held for the fifteenth time between January 10-15. The Capital Circus of Budapest and Vajdahunyad Castle will host four different shows, a scientific conference, and an exhibition on circus history.

One of the world’s most prestigious circus arts festivals, this year’s event will feature more than 50 performances by around 100 artists from all over the world.

The Budapest Circus Festival kicks off on January 9 with a performance of The Nutcracker by the Baross Imre Circus School at the Hippodrome.

The official program starts the following day, January 10, with a Hollywood-style Red Carpet Show at the Capital Circus, where the artists of the Festival will be ceremoniously paraded.

The six days will include the Red, Green, and White Shows, before the closing night, January 15, with an awards ceremony and gala. The performances will be judged by both international and Hungarian juries, with gold, silver, and bronze awards among the grand prizes, the European Prize, and special prizes.

Japanese artist Shu Takada, six-time yo-yo world champion, will also perform at the festival for the first time in Hungary. Photo: Facebook/Budapest Circus Festival

The European Circus Association (ECA) conference on January 11 at Vajdahunyad Castle will host seventeen lecturers from nine countries,

with a keynote speech by Péter Fekete, Director General of the National Center for Circus Arts, and an opening address by ECA Executive Director Helmut Grosscurth.

This year’s conference will address current issues in circus culture in Europe, including animal welfare, the cultural recognition of the circus, the regulation of the mobility of circus artists, the education of traveling circus children, circus pedagogy, circus higher education, circus heritage, and circus museology.

Vajdahunyad Castle will also host the international exhibition on the history of the circus, Wonderful Circus World, opening on January 11.

The exhibition is a joint event of fifteen countries and for the first time will bring together relics of Hungarian artists and circus dynasties, important works of circus art and film, as well as the most exciting collections of international circus heritage from abroad.


The Budapest Circus Festival is one of the world’s most prestigious international circus arts festivals, held every two years at the Capital Circus of Budapest. The first Budapest Circus Festival was held in 1996, two years later international stars were invited, and since 2002, a Hungarian gala has been held every year as part of the festival.

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Via MTI, Featured image: Facebook/Budapest Circus Festival

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