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Press Roundup: EC Accused of Misstating Facts over LGBT Education

Hungary Today 2021.07.16.

As the European Commission launches an infringement procedure against Hungary in the latest development in the controversy over Hungary’s ‘pedophile law’, a pro-government analyst claims that Brussels wants to ‘re-programme children’ and finds it in denial of its real intentions.

Hungarian press roundup by budapost.eu

In an unsigned report, hvg online approvingly quotes a communique by the European Commission in which the Commission ‘was compelled to explain that what the Hungarian Prime Minister had said about the pedophile law, was untrue’. Reacting to a statement by PM Orbán but without mentioning him by name on Wednesday, the European Commission denied that it would require Hungary to let LGBTQ activists into Hungarian schools.

Mandiner, on the other hand, reproduces a note by right-wing political analyst Miklós Szánthó who quotes three documents issued by the European Commission about the need to promote LGBTQ inclusion in education. It would be salutary, and a victory for common sense, he writes if the European Commission did in fact refrain from indoctrinating children about LGBTQ issues. Unfortunately, its communique doesn’t reflect the spirit of the projects the Commission is supporting, Szánthó concludes.

Featured photo via Pixabay