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President Novák Meets Bolsonaro: Hungary, Brazil Offer Mediation Talks between Russia and Ukraine

Hungary Today 2022.07.12.

The war in Ukraine, bilateral cooperation, aid to persecuted Christians and family policy were among the topics on the agenda for talks between President Katalin Novák, and her Brazilian counterpart Jair Bolsonaro in the capital Brasília, on Monday.

Novák and Bolsonaro have both agreed on the necessity of an early peace agreement in Ukraine, Novák said in a press statement after the talks. She added that both parties offered mediation between Russia and Ukraine.

Photo via MTI

The Hungarian President noted that the war has been going on for 138 days. “We condemn the attack, but at the same time we consider peace to be the most important,” Novák said, adding that she had asked her Brazilian counterpart to use his country’s influence to help bring the war to an end as soon as possible.

Orbán Meeting Bolsonaro: Hungary and Brazil in "Coalition of the Sober"
Orbán Meeting Bolsonaro: Hungary and Brazil in

According to PM Orbán, the two countries apply the same approach to global challenges, such as the issue of migration, aiding persecuted Christians, defending against attacks on families, a commitment to free trade and military development.Continue reading

President Novák also spoke about the cooperation with Brazil in the areas of farming, food production, and water management since 2019, as well as joint efforts to help persecuted Christian communities around the world, and a new area of cooperation.

The Hungarian President emphasized that her visit to Brazil is her first foreign trip outside Europe as president, underlining the importance of bilateral cooperation. Brazil is an important partner, and the two countries are strengthening their diplomatic and economic ties as well as cooperation in science and education, she stressed.

Novák noted that Hungary has purchased two military transport aircraft from Brazil, to be put into service next year.

Concerning family policy, Novák said that like the rest of the developed world, Brazil was also starting to see a drop in the birth rate and marriages. She welcomed President Bolsonaro’s commitment to supporting traditional families.

Photo via MTI

“We’re doing the same thing in Hungary, and this has delivered tangible results,” Novák said, arguing that the number of marriages had doubled while the number of abortions had fallen by half, and more couples were committed to becoming parents.

“Hungarians and Brazilians know that our future lies in the support of our children and traditional families,” Novák underscored. “We agree that the mother is a woman and the father a man.”

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Foreign Minister: Hungary-Brazil Alliance Built on Shared Values, Interests

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“We stand with families and persecuted Christians, but we say no to mass migration because we can see its harmful effects,” she added.

“Brazil is a peace-loving country which has not seen war in the past 100 years, and everyone wants this to remain so,” Novák told the press after her talks with Bolsonaro. “We’d like Hungary, too, to be untouched by war,” she said.

“President Bolsonaro and I are ambassadors of peace,” President Novák emhasized.

Photo via MTI

The Brazilian president said his main ambition was to protect family values, press freedom, and democracy.

President Bolsonaro called Katalin Novák’s visit a “great honor,” adding that Hungary and Brazil had common interests such as defending the home country, as well as protecting families and promoting freedom.

According to the Brazilian president, relations were developing steadily, including in the context of the defense industry.

“Some 100,000 Hungarians live among us, and we are a country where we all live in peace,” he said. Referring to the war in Ukraine, Bolsonaro said he had spoken at length with President Putin. “The truth sometimes hurts, but there is no alternative to peaceful coexistence,” Bolsonaro noted.

via MTI

In the featured photo: Hungarian President Katalin Novák (left), and her host, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia, July 11, 2022. Photo via MTI

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