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President Novák: ‘Building Community Starts by Building Churches’

MTI-Hungary Today 2022.05.21.

Katalin Novák, Hungary’s new president, said in Magyarlapád (Lopadea Noua), in central Romania, that ten churches were consecrated at ten localities in Transylvania during Friday

“It is no coincidence that when there is war and ideological destruction, churches are the first to be destroyed because churches are the places where communities start to form,” she said. “We are building and upgrading churches across the Carpathian Basin because this is how we start strengthening our communities,” she added.

The president noted that Lopadea Noua had been established in the year of 1030 and was registered as the property of Queen Gisela, the wife of St Stephen, Hungary’s first king.

“By dedicating ten churches today, we are also sending the message that we will be here after a thousand years, among brothers and sisters, addressing one another in Hungarian,” she said.

The consecrations marked Hungarian Reformed Church Unity Day celebrated on May 20 each year.

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Earlier on Friday Novák met Hunor Kelemen, Romania’s deputy prime minister, in Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca). In Nagyenyed (Aiud), she met Transylvanian Reformed Bishop Béla Kató.

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