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President Novák Believes that “being a woman is an opportunity”

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.10.13.

“Women’s ability to build peace in war is indispensable,” is the motto of President Katalin Novák, who decided to meet with women leaders. She asserted her views in the town of Fehérvárcsurgó, west of Budapest, at the panel discussion entitled ‘Conversations in the Sándor Palace.’

“We are not looking for conflict, instead we are coded to settle conflicts, just like mothers in a family,” she said, drawing a parallel between public and private life. Katalin Novák also expressed her regrets that there are fewer than 20 female heads of state in the world. Novák said:

Being a woman should be considered an opportunity: we are more accepted, we can express our feelings, something a man would be often ashamed of.”

Asked how she is trying to bring other women leaders together, the president announced that she has invited all the world’s female heads of state to Budapest next fall, and as for the time being, all are planning to attend. She also mentioned that she would like to make these meetings of heads of state a regular event.

In response to another question, the head of state also explained why there are such a few female MPs. According to Novák, public life is not so attractive for women because there is often disrespectful language and lack of respect for privacy.

Perhaps if this could be changed, it would be a means to get more women in public life.”

she concluded.

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Via: MTI; Featured image: MTI.

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