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President Katalin Novák Discusses the Demographic Crisis with Elon Musk

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.09.26.

President Katalin Novák met the richest man in the world in the United States on Monday. Billionaire Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, received the Hungarian Head of State at the recently opened Tesla headquarters in Austin, Texas. They discussed the demographic crisis affecting the Western world and possible solutions at a private meeting.

As reported earlier by Hungary Today, the businessman had been invited by Katalin Novák to the 5th Budapest Demographic Summit that took place September 14-16. Elon Musk could not attend the summit, but as the Hungarian President wrote on her social media page on Monday, they will now make up for the meeting in Austin.

In the first minutes of the much longer than planned two-hour discussion, Novák explained that in addition to the problem of climate change, the demographic crisis is receiving too little attention. She recalled that Musk had recently said that the demographic crisis was a more serious issue than climate change. The president noted that while climate change is an issue that needs to be addressed,

if there are no next generations, there is no point in taking care of the Earth.”

Novák said she is committed to the cause of families and to tackling the demographic issue. Family policy has been a priority in Hungary for the past decade, and that is why we have managed to improve demography, she informed Musk.

Elon Musk with one of his youngest children and Katalin Novák in a private meeting. Photo: MTI/Sándor-palota/Bartos Gyula

President Novák claimed that the meeting

has given us a new ally in the fight for family freedom, who knows and recognizes Hungary’s family-centered agenda.”

She said that as Hungary’s first female head of state, she is first and foremost a mother, and that the message of her visit is that career and having children are not mutually exclusive. She stressed that she would also like to discuss this issue with the CEO.

Musk, who has 11 children, agreed and confirmed the importance he attaches to having children. During the meeting, he also published a post on X (formerly Twitter, of which he is the Chairman and CTO) summarizing the discussion by saying that “having children is saving the world.”

The CEO also shared Novák’s post about their meeting, writing that he had the pleasure of meeting with the president and discussing “the population collapse crisis.”

Musk has recently spoken out several times about the demographic challenges facing the world, stating that population decline is a more serious problem than the climate crisis.

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Via MTI, Featured image: MTI/Sándor-palota/Bartos Gyula

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