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PM Orbán: “There is only one remedy against being in a minority: Greatness, the greatness of the nation.”

Hungary Today 2024.06.04.
Mayor László Török (L), Hunor Kelemen (M), and PM Viktor Orbán (L)

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán made a strategic visit to Salonta (Nagyszalonta), Romania, urging the region’s Hungarian community to unite behind the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) in their crucial bid for European Parliament representation. With just days until the EP elections, Mr. Orbán’s trip underscores the high stakes for Transylvanian Hungarians.

According to Krónika Online, the Prime Minister was warmly received by local dignitaries, including mayor László Török, representatives of the Bihor County RMDSZ, and Hunor Kelemen, president of the RMDSZ. The timing of Viktor Orbán’s visit is particularly poignant as it precedes June 4, a day that commemorates the Treaty of Trianon in 1920, resulting in Hungary losing substantial portions of its territory.

He used this historical context to underscore the importance of unity among Hungarians, saying,

in addition to reminding and warning us, this day of mourning also teaches us that if we do not stand together, if we do not have a strong desire to belong together, we are in trouble.”

Hunor Kelemen introduced Mr. Orbán, emphasizing the Prime Minister’s political prowess in leading Fidesz-KDNP to victory 11 times. Mr. Kelemen stressed the urgency for Transylvania Hungarians to secure their place in the EP, saying,

We need 500,000 votes to show the strength of the community.

We need to be strong in local government and have a voice in the European Parliament, and we have no other way to survive but to win.” He further appealed to Orbán for inspiration and strength, recognizing him as a leader at the forefront of necessary changes in the European Union.

The Prime Minister’s speech emphasized the critical need for RMDSZ to have its own representation in the European Parliament. He argued that it would be a mockery if Hungarians from Transcarpathia and Vojvodina were brought in on the Fidesz list while Transylvania Hungarians lacked their own representation. He stated, “imagine the mockery of bringing in the people of Transcarpathia and Vojvodina on the Fidesz list, while the people of Transylvania are not represented in the EU legislature in their own right.”

Orbán spoke about the concept of national greatness as the remedy for minority status. He urged Hungarians to focus on their cultural, intellectual, and scientific achievements rather than constantly counting their numbers. He powerfully stated that

either Hungarians will remain proud of their cultural, intellectual, and scientific greatness, or they will not remain at all.”

In conclusion, for the Hungarian community in Transylvania to thrive, it must secure its own representation in the European Parliament, a task that requires unity, determination, and a sense of national greatness.

Romania's Hungarian Party Aims to Empower Transylvanian Hungarians in Brussels
Romania's Hungarian Party Aims to Empower Transylvanian Hungarians in Brussels

Hunor Kelemen stressed the significance of the EP elections in June.Continue reading

Via kronikaonline.ro; Featured Image: MTI / Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda / Benko Vivien Cher

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