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PM Orbán to Meet French Journalist, Politician Éric Zemmour in Budapest

Júlia Tar 2021.09.23.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán invited French right-wing polemicist, essayist, political journalist, and writer, Éric Zemmour, to Budapest. Zemmour, who is also planning to run in the upcoming French elections, will be in the capital on Friday.

Zemmour announced his visit on his Twitter page, saying: “I will be in Budapest on Friday at the invitation of Viktor Orbán. Here is a leader who defends the identity of his country, its sovereignty, and its borders.”

While his candidacy is yet to be officially announced, Zemmour has referred to it several times before. Since he is also a television pundit with his own program, many are saying that he should give that up because it gives him an unfair advantage over his rivals. His media visibility also increased because of his latest book, France Hasn’t Finished Speaking Yet. Bloomberg reports that “Zemmour has been convicted three times for hate speech and inciting racial violence. His background — he’s Jewish and of Algerian descent — makes his anti-semitic stance and attacks on immigrants all the more problematic.”

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Zemmour “would obtain 11% of votes in the first round of the April ballot, according to a weekly Harris Interactive-Challenges survey. The previous survey saw Zemmour with 10%, up from 7% the week before,” Bloomberg stated.

Nationalist Marine Le Pen’s support is at 18% (from 19%) and the current president of France, Emmanuel Macron, obtains 23%, the same survey suggests.

The 63-year-old Zemmour promised to officially announce his candidacy within a month if he indeed decides to run for president in the 2022 presidential election, 444 reports.

Featured image via Éric Zemmour’s Facebook page