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PM Orbán after the Elections: “We have just been in a battle that we won”

Hungary Today 2024.06.12.

In a recent interview by Index with Viktor Orbán, conducted in the aftermath of significant electoral events, the Prime Minister offered profound insights into the outcomes and subsequent challenges facing his government and party, Fidesz. Mr. Orbán’s leadership and strategic vision were on full display as he addressed a spectrum of topics, providing clarity on his perspective and approach.

Viktor Orbán commenced by acknowledging the electoral success of Fidesz, securing 45% of the vote, though he stressed the need for introspection and humble diligence within the party. He reiterated the significance of grassroots efforts in political triumphs, emphasizing the tireless work put in by Fidesz across various municipalities to secure victories. The Prime Minister remarked that

success requires humble work, more work.”

Reflecting on the intricate dynamics of Budapest politics, he tackled criticism regarding government cuts and their alleged impact on the city’s financial stability. He firmly shifted responsibility onto the shoulders of Budapest’s leadership, urging them to proactively address and resolve the economic challenges facing the city. He asserted, “if someone takes over a city and runs it, then let him run it. It is not enough that if you fail, you always cleverly name the external factor responsible.”

During the interview, Mr. Orbán dismissed rumors of internal strife within Fidesz, asserting the party’s cohesion and shared objectives in the face of emerging political figures like Péter Magyar. He downplayed speculations of division, emphasizing Fidesz’s unwavering focus on its collective goals and unity. Orbán emphasized:

there is a clear order to our work. Everyone has their own job to do.”

Throughout the conversation, Orbán’s confidence and unwavering resolve were palpable. His leadership ethos centered on accountability, both within Fidesz and among Budapest’s leadership, reflecting a commitment to navigating Hungary through its current political landscape with determination and foresight. Mr. Orbán concluded,

we have just been in a battle that we won, beating second place by 15 percent. We are by far the largest party, so I am optimistic about the future.”

As Hungary braces for the road ahead, the Prime Minister’s insights serve as a guiding light, offering valuable perspective on the nation’s political trajectory and the hurdles it confronts. In an era of flux and transformation, Orbán’s steadfast leadership continues to shape Hungary’s course, anchoring it in stability amid a sea of change.

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Via Index; Featured Image: MTI / Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda / Benko Vivien Cher

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