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Andrej Babis (L) and Viktor orbán (R)

The formation of the Patriots for Europe (PfE) group marks a significant shift in the European Parliament, as it aims to unite patriotic and sovereign forces across the continent.

This new alliance includes notable parties like Spain’s Vox, the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV), the Danish People’s Party (DK), Belgium’s Vlaams Belang, and Portugal’s Chega.

Vox’s Commitment to Sovereignty

“Vox has been working for a long time to bring these forces together, to create a large group,” party leader Santiago Abascal stated. “We will continue to do so in the European Parliament as a member of the new group, but of course, we will continue to cooperate with those allies who are not yet part of it and with whom we still have very close bilateral relations.”

Vox’s success in the recent June elections saw the party doubling its seats in the European Parliament from three to six.

The party highlighted the historic opportunity for patriotic forces to implement the electorate’s mandate as a substantial alternative to the coalition of the People’s Party, the Socialists, and the far left.

La Lega: Support for Change in Europe

Matteo Salvini’s party, La Lega, has also shown support for the new group, emphasizing the growing demand for change within the EU. Mr. Salvini stated,

there is a growing front of those who want change in Europe, committed to saying no to Ursula von der Leyen and the socialists.”

Although La Lega is currently part of the Identity and Democracy (ID) EP fraction and has not officially joined Patriots for Europe, Matteo Salvini mentioned that they are “working on it.”

The ID group itself has not merged into Patriots for Europe, maintaining its distinct entity within the European Parliament.

La Lega Politician: Patriots for Europe Represent the Most Interesting Alternative in Europe
La Lega Politician: Patriots for Europe Represent the Most Interesting Alternative in Europe

The politician highlighted that the party alliance initiated by Hungarian PM aims to challenge the current power structure.Continue reading

Party for Freedom (PVV): A New Alliance

Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) in the Netherlands, announced his party’s decision to join Patriots for Europe. The politician highlighted his party’s patriotic stance, saying, “In the PVV, we are patriots, we love our strong and sovereign nation.”

He emphasized their fight against illegal immigration, support for Ukraine, and defense of Judeo-Christian heritage and families. “

We want to join forces in the European Parliament and we are proud to join the Patriots for Europe party group,” Mr. Wilders added. The PVV secured seven seats in the June 9 European Parliament elections.

Danish People’s Party (DK): A Clear Signal

The Danish People’s Party (DK), represented by Anders Vistisen, also announced its intention to join Patriots for Europe.

Mr. Vistisen, the party’s only MEP, expressed enthusiasm for working with both old allies from ID and new friends from Spain, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.

“We are confident that Patriots for Europe will be the third largest party group in the EP, and we can send a clear signal to the federalists,” Vistisen wrote on social media.

Vlaams Belang: Rejecting the “Europhile Elite”

The Belgian party Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) declared its alignment with PfE. Party leader Tom Van Grieken stated,

together as a right-wing, patriotic and national party, we are strong in Europe. We have more in common than divisions.”

Vlaams Belang achieved a significant result in the EU Parliament elections with 14.6 percent of the vote, earning three seats. MEP Tom Vandendriessche criticized the “Europhile elite” for ignoring voter rejection of the Green Deal and the EU’s migration pact. “We want to move towards a Europe where the nation-state is once again respected, instead of being swallowed up by a globalist and identity-less project,” he emphasized.

Chega: Joining the Alliance

Portugal’s Chega party also announced its intention to join the forming party family. This decision aligns with the group’s growing influence as it seeks to become the third-largest party group in the European Parliament.

The inclusion of Chega adds to the diverse coalition of nationalist and sovereign forces aiming to reshape the EU’s future direction.

Patriots for Europe: Formation and Future

The formation of Patriots for Europe was spearheaded by Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán (Fidesz), Herbert Kickl (FPÖ), and Andrej Babiš (ANO), at a meeting in Vienna on June 30. The group aims to consolidate national-conservative parties to create a significant force within the European Parliament.

While several parties have committed to the new group, it is crucial to note that key figures like Matteo Salvini and Marine Le Pen have not yet officially joined PfE. Mr. Salvini has expressed his support and indicated that discussions are ongoing, but no formal membership has been established.

Similarly, Ms. Le Pen’s National Rally remains a significant player whose potential alignment with Patriots for Europe could further strengthen the group’s influence.

The group is poised to become a formidable entity advocating for national sovereignty and a new direction for the EU, the future involvement of influential leaders like Matteo Salvini and Marine Le Pen remains a crucial factor in the group’s potential impact.

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PM's Radio Interview: French Elections Could Reshape Europe's Future

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