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Over Twenty Countries to Compete at the Darts Open in Budapest

MTI-Hungary Today 2023.10.25.

The Hungarian Darts Federation is expecting more than 300 competitors from 22 countries to participate in the 25th Dreher Hungarian Open from Friday to Sunday.

At the Federation’s press conference on Tuesday, President Gábor Balázs said that the Dreher Hungarian Open World Darts Federation (WDF) ranking tournament is the only one in the sport that was held even during the COVID pandemic, thus

it has been has been on the sporting calendar since 1999.

“The event is the last chance for competitors to secure a place at the WDF World Championships in Lakeside, England, in early December.” At the event, participants will showcase their skills in ten scoring categories, including paradarts, in Budapest, noted the president. He added that in 2024, the federation will organize eight adult and nine youth scoring competitions,

thus becoming the largest tournament organizer in the region and Europe, helping domestic players to compete more effectively.

Photo via Facebook/Magyar Darts Szövetség

Balázs congratulated the present member of the pair Lehel Kámán, József Rucska, who won a bronze medal at the World Cup in Denmark in September. The duo won the first Hungarian adult world championship medal, which Rucska said was the result of conscious work. He stressed that he and his partner understood each other so well that they hardly had to communicate during the competition.

Regarding the WDF World Championships from December 2 to 10, the president said that Veronika Ihász made sporting history in 2022, by qualifying, and this year, five Hungarian players will be able to compete in Lakeside. Ihász will participate in the women’s event, Patrik Kovács and Gábor Takács in the men’s event, Krisztina Turai in the junior girls’ event, and András Borbély in the junior boys’ event. The president stressed that

Hungary is the only nation that can participate in all four categories at the World Championships.

Photo via Facebook/Dreher 23. Hungarian Darts Open Weekend

Rucska, a world bronze medalist and coach-husband of Veronika Ihász, highlighted that with a month to go before the championships, funding is still not in place, although the federation is doing its best to support the athletes.

“We are looking for sponsors, we hope that we will find them and that the state support will arrive,” Rucska emphasized.

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The event will be held in the László Papp Budapest Sports Arena.Continue reading

Via MTI, Featured image via Pixabay

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