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Outstanding Developments Continue in the Country’s “Second Capital”

Hungary Today 2023.09.19.
The main square of Debrecen

Debrecen (eastern Hungary) has moved up a level; a new city, a new community has been born. The change that has taken place there is noticeable even by Central European standards, noted János Lázár, Minister of Construction and Transport, at the inauguration ceremony of the renovated Csokonai Theater, reports Világgazdaság.

According to the minister, the people of Debrecen have succeeded in doing what the Hungarians have not yet done: becoming a center again and reuniting the Great Plain that has been divided into many parts.

In these 25 years, Debrecen has become the center of the Great Plain and the eastern part of Hungary. The government sees Debrecen as the second capital of the country,

he stressed, adding that the task for the next ten years was given: Hungary must be bigger, stronger, and richer. “This can only be achieved if we work together even more and even better,” he noted.

The minster recalled that

the government has decided to develop Debrecen’s economic zones to the tune of HUF 500 billion (EUR 1.3 billion).

This means new jobs, new investments, railways, roads, and many industrial and economic facilities and investments that will contribute to improving the quality of life of the people living here, and will lift up the city and the community. However, to achieve this goal, many more resources and opportunities are needed.

Our goal is to provide the university, the city, employers, and employees with another HUF 500 billion (EUR 1.3 billion) to enable Debrecen to develop further,”

concluded János Lázár.

As Hungary Today reported earlier, about half of the more than HUF 112 billion (EUR 290 million) in government support is spent on economic zones in Debrecen. BMW and the Chinese electric battery manufacturer, Eve Power and CATL are also investing in the city. A total of HUF 31.7 billion (EUR 80.8 million) is spent on the development of the southern Economic Zone. Within this framework, a 16-kilometer road network with infrastructure will be fully completed, and the development of SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) parks will be finalized, as well as the improvement of utilities and infrastructure for the enterprises. The northwest Economic Zone will receive around HUF 30 billion (EUR 76.5 million). This center will serve the BMW plant in Debrecen.

Of course, not only are investments coming into the city, but the related infrastructure improvements are also being implemented in parallel.

The construction of the BMW Factory in the northwest Economic Zone. Photo:Facebook/BMW Group Gyár Debrecen

Automotive Investments Supported By Infrastructure Developments in Debrecen
Automotive Investments Supported By Infrastructure Developments in Debrecen

Only the second phase of railway development in the northwestern Economic Zone is left to be completed.Continue reading

Via Világgazdaság, Featured image via Facebook/Debrecen csodái

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