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Hungarian Sparkling Wines Are Back in the European Limelight

Hungary Today 2023.06.19.

Minister of Agriculture István Nagy attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the new Kreinbacher Birtok sparkling wine factory in Somlóvásárhely, western Hungary, on Friday, where he said that the government considers the food industry as a strategic sector, and that the wine sector, one of the main drivers of the agricultural sector, is a special priority.

The Minister pointed out that Hungarian wineries and winemakers, always looking for new ways forward, are the flagships of the agricultural sector, combining tradition and innovation, and are not afraid of challenges or looking for new opportunities.

The passion, faith, and diligence of the sector’s players have been crowned with success, as Hungarian wines and sparkling wines have returned to the forefront of Europe, further strengthening the reputation of Hungarian agriculture and the food industry.

István Nagy emphasized that the new sparkling wine business of Kreinbacher Birtok will not only shape the owners, but will also give a new impetus to the region, and its economic stimulating effect will go far beyond the borders of the winery. It will create opportunities for new suppliers, jobs, and further boost tourism and hospitality.

The Minister said that the Ministry of Agriculture aims to support the development of agricultural products and the food industry, including the wine sector. So far, some HUF 428 billion (EUR 1.1 billion) has been allocated to this area under the Rural Development Program, with payments amounting to more than HUF 143 billion (EUR 381.8 million).

Founder of the Kreinbacher Birtok, József Kreinbacher, bought his first vineyards on the Somló hill near Lake Balaton in 2002, and established the estate, which has now grown to 60 hectares. Visitors can even spend the night at the winery, which also has a gourmet restaurant.

Kreinbacher’s wines and sparkling wines are unique in that they are based on local varieties and the millions of years of volcanic heritage of the terroir.

Photo: Facebook/Kreinbacher Birtok Somló

The winery competed again this year at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2023, where all of their entries won medals. This year, 18,250 entries from 57 countries were judged by a 236-member jury, including 53 Masters of Wine and 16 Master Sommeliers. In addition to the 94-point Prestige Brut, the Brut Classic sparkling wine from Kreinbacher won silver, while the Öreg Tőkék Bora 2020, Furmint Selection 2020, and Rosé Brut sparkling wines also won bronze medals.

Hungary Leads the Way in Sparkling Wine Production
Hungary Leads the Way in Sparkling Wine Production

Around 200,000 hectoliters of sparkling wine are produced annually in Hungary.Continue reading

Besides Kreinbacher, there are many other popular sparkling wine brands in Hungary. The name Törley is known to almost every Hungarian, the history of Törley sparkling wines going back almost a century and a half.

Photo: Facebook/Törley pezsgő

There is also BB near Lake Balaton, producing sparkling wine since the 1950s. It remains one of the best known and most consumed wine and sparkling wine brands in Hungary.

Photo: Facebook/BB pezsgő és bor

Featured photo via Facebook/Kreinbacher Birtok Somló

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