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Oscar-Winning Set Decorator Zsuzsa Mihalek Receives Human Dignity Award

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.04.05.

The Council of Human Dignity awarded Zsuzsa Mihalek, Oscar- and BAFTA-winning set decorator, with the Medal of Human Dignity in Budapest on Thursday.

At the award ceremony, Zoltán Lomnici Senior, lawyer, constitutional judge and founding president of the Council for Human Dignity, praised the recipient and said that the award of Zsuzsa Mihalek marked the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the Council for Human Dignity, as the Council welcomed an Oscar-winning artist and a British Academy Film Awards winner.

Hungarians are a tiny island in a sea of nations, yet we have given the world so many outstanding people,”

said Zoltán Lomnici, citing as examples of those who have previously been honored with the Medal of Human Dignity the Nobel Prize-winning Katalin Karikó, the Olympic football champion, the “Golden Team’s” Jenő Buzánszky, actress Mari Törőcsik, poet Anna Jókai, poet Sándor Kányádi and rabbi József Schweitzer.

Miklós Szunai (l), Zsuzsa Mihalek (c) and Zoltán Lomnici (r). Photo via MTI/Purger Tamás

Zoltán Lomnici stressed that “the Academy Award is a very exceptional honor, which is why we can be proud of many of our compatriots who have won it in the past and of Zsuzsa Mihalek, who won this year.”

Presenting the career of the winner, Zoltán Lomnici recalled that Zsuzsa Mihalek was attracted to the film industry at the age of 17, when she decided to become a set decorator. In 1986, an advertisement in a newspaper opened the way to a career as a set decorator, and soon afterwards she achieved considerable success. Her work has been praised in Hungarian films such as Dollybirds, Argo and Made in Hungaria.

“Even though she is still very young, we are rewarding a life’s work.” Her work and the prizes she has won are a joy for all of us,” emphasized Zoltán Lomnici, adding that human dignity is enriched when such excellence lives among us and enhances the reputation of our country.

Presenting the award, Miklós Szunai, President of the Council for Human Dignity, noted that Zsuzsa Mihalek is being awarded for “her outstanding work, her successful career and her latest, most prestigious international recognition. Her career is a role model for future generations.”

Photo via MTI/Purger Tamás

On receiving the recognition, Zsuzsa Mihalek said she was very happy and proud to have been thought of at all for such an award.

This will again shed some light on the professionals working behind the scenes in the film industry and bring them to the forefront,

she added.

Over the past almost a decade and a half, the Council for Human Dignity has honored many artists, scientists and sportsmen and women who have done a lot for human dignity.

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