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Orbán Re-Elected as Fidesz Leader: “As long as I can I will carry on doing it”

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.11.15.

Viktor Orbán, the prime minister, was re-elected as leader of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz at the party’s 29th congress in Budapest on Sunday.

Orbán was elected with 1,061 votes in favour. He has been the president of Fidesz since 2003 and was also party president between 1993 and 2000.

The congress re-elected as deputy leaders Gábor Kubatov (1,050), Szilárd Németh (1,025) and Lajos Kósa (1,021). Kinga Gál, the party’s MEP, has been also elected as Fidesz’s vice president to replace Katalin Novák, the family affairs minister.

It has not been revealed how many votes were cast.

Neither Viktor Orbán nor the vice-presidents had challengers, so they were elected as sole candidates.

In his speech, Orbán said “We are successful, because what Fidesz is doing is its passion. We are aiming to reach the top, and that is where we want to take Hungary as well,” he said.

Orbán thinks the first 33 years of Fidesz and his career in politics was “only the beginning” and the “really big things are yet to come.”

“Why did I take it [the presidency]? It is a legitimate question, because in the last ten years a new generation has grown up and proven themselves to be able to take our place. Why did I decide to continue anyway?,” Orbán

Firstly, because I feel I am at the right age. Secondly, because I see the first 33 years [Fidesz was formed in 1988], everything that has happened so far, as a warm-up. Well, a lot has happened, a lot has been done, a lot has been achieved. Russians out, communists out, back from bankruptcy, constitution in, IMF out, utility prices down, migrants out, migrants outside, and most importantly, heart up! It is indeed a lot, but I feel it was just the beginning, just preparation for the really big things that are yet to come. And I don’t want to miss out on that. The safest thing is to go first.”

Thirdly, Orbán added, “Fidesz means loyalty, faith and trust. Fidesz is a loyal party. Faithful to Hungary and its people, faithful to the Hungarian people.”

“Over the past 33 years, more Hungarians voted in favour of our party than in favour of any other party in the history of Hungarian parliament,” Orbán said.

“This gives me my task, and as long as I, and you also, can, I must and I will carry on doing it,” Orbán said, adding that as long as “loyalty endures” Hungary would endure.

Fidesz last held a congress to elect officials in September 2019, prior to the municipal elections.

Featured photo by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI

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