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Opposition’s First Campaign Billboards Appear across Hungary

Ábrahám Vass 2022.01.14.

Three messages on a couple hundred billboards mark the start of the opposition’s visual campaign as well. Those messages published and used so far, concentrate on the departure of Orbán and “Fidesz privileged” while promising to upkeep certain welfare and security measures and the establishment of separate healthcare and education ministries.

This comes on the heels of debates surrounding the appearance of the allied opposition’s campaign. Leaders, however, seem to agree that their campaign would feature three colors: blue, turquoise, and white.

Opposition Alliance's Uniform Design Ready after Long Negotiation
Opposition Alliance's Uniform Design Ready after Long Negotiation

Their motto is "United for Hungary." The opposition's election program also seems to be slowly becoming finalized.Continue reading

As of now, three messages can be seen on the placards:

“Orbán goes, utility cost reduction remains.”

“Orbán goes, separate healthcare and education ministries come.”

“Fidesz privileged go, a Hungary for all us arrives.”

Both the wording and the appearance are reminiscent of (and certainly meant to criticize) the Fidesz government’s latest and ongoing (billboard) campaign and slogan: “Hungary is going forward, not backward.”

Ruling Fidesz would have 3-4x more billboards to advertise on than the opposition ahead of the upcoming elections, rtl.hu wrote. In practice, this means that while the opposition may count on some 2-3,000 billboards, Fidesz would have the chance to advertise in roughly 5-8,000 spots across the country. In addition, Publimont, a company owned by Orbán’s friend-turned-enemy Lajos Simicska until 2019, but now in the PM’s fast-emerging billionaire friend Lőrinc Mészáros’ possession, also has around 11,000 places to advertise, including bus stops.

The elections will be held on April 3, while campaigning is officially set to start on February 12.

featured image: the opposition leaders recently; via Gergely Karácsony’s Facebook page