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Only Parents with Immunity Certificate Allowed to Enter Schools from December

Péter Cseresnyés 2021.11.26.

Rules of entry to schools will be tightened from December 1st, according to a recent decision by human resources minister, Miklós Kásler, reports news site Telex, based on a letter from Hungary’s Educational Authority(OH).

In the letter, the OH informs school directors that from the beginning of December, if a parent or a person accompanying a child does not have an immunity card, they will only be allowed to enter the school premises up to a designated point.

“Without proof of immunization from the coronavirus, a single adult accompanying a child or pupil to or from a public education institution may enter the premises of the public education institution up to a point designated by the head of the public education institution,” the letter acquired by the news site states.

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Kásler’s decision also specifies that teachers, students, and school staff will not be mandated to present their certificates, but all visitors entering the school will be required to do so. The only exceptions will be for those who are dealing with the consequences of an “unforeseeable event outside the control of the public education institution.”

Featured photo illustration by Attila Balázs/MTI