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Northern Region One of the Most Sought-after Destinations during Pentecost

Hungary Today 2024.05.15.
The city of Eger in northern Hungary

Nearly as many people travel on Pentecost as on Easter, according to Szallas.hu‘s pre-booking data. In terms of regions, northern Hungary and the Lake Balaton area are the most attractive, reports Turizmus.com.

One more long weekend before the summer break favors travelers: the Pentecost weekend is almost as popular as Easter, according to Szallas.hu‘s pre-booking data. “As the proportion of last-minute bookings is particularly high this year, we expect demand to pick up further in the coming days,” said Lili Kelemen, Szallas.hu‘s press officer.

Gyula (southeastern Hungary), Siófok (southern shore of Lake Balaton), and Eger (northern Hungary) lead the national ranking in terms of the number of bookings.

By far the highest number of overnight stays was recorded in Gyula, with 33 percent more than in second placed Siófok. Northern Hungary (20 percent) and Lake Balaton (18 percent) account for the largest share of bookings, but the Southern Great Plain region is not far behind. In northern Hungary, Eger and Miskolc are the most popular destinations. Around Lake Balaton, after Siófok, Balatonfüred and Hévíz are the most attractive, according to Szallas.hu booking data.

Based on the distribution of bookings by type of accommodation, apartments are sought by a third of guests. Guesthouses were chosen every fourth time and hotels make up 23 percent of bookings. 14 percent of guests booked a bed & breakfast.

77 percent of Pentecost bookings have been paid online so far. 29 percent of guests who paid a deposit in May and chose the online payment option used a SZÉP card (one of the most popular fringe benefits in Hungary).

The national top list for Pentecost according to Szallas.hu’s booking figures:


Photo via Facebook/Görgényi Ernő


Photo via Facebook/Siófok Guide


Photo via Facebook/Mirkóczki Ádám


Photo via Facebook/Hotel Clark Budapest

Szeged (southern Hungary)

Photo via Facebook/Szegedi Borfesztivál-Szeged Napja Ünnepségsorozat

Pécs (southwestern Hungary)

Photo via Facebook/Pécs Most

Sopron (northwestern Hungary)

Photo via Facebook/Farkas Ciprián

Balatonfüred (northern shore)

Photo via Facebook/BalaPort Balatonfüred

Nyíregyháza (northeastern Hungary)

Photo via Facebook/Kovács Ferenc

Hajdúszoboszló (eastern Hungary)

Photo via Facebook/Hotel Délibáb – Hajdúszoboszló

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2024 to Be a Record Year in Hungarian Tourism

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Via Turizmus,com; Featured image via Facebook/Mirkóczki Ádám

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