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No Compromise on Child Protection, Says Justice Minister

Mariann Őry 2023.04.26.
Judit Varga child protection conference

Justice Minister Judit Varga spoke about the Child Protection Act at an event in Brussels on Monday. She pledged that Hungary will have the strictest child protection legislation in Europe.

“The European Commission is attacking the Child Protection Act claiming that it is incompatible with EU rules (on audiovisual and freedom of services), but we know that they are actually targeting the values of our Fundamental Law,” Judit Varga warned at an event in Brussels co-organized by MCC Brussels, the Foundation for a Civic Hungary and the Hungarian-German Institute.

MCC Brussels Varga Judit

The minister pointed out that

the European Commission is attacking a law that protects children’s right to self-identity according to their sex at birth and states that the mother is female and the father male”.

“The growing forces in favor of the woke ideology have managed to convince 15 EU member states to take action against Hungary in the ongoing EU court case. But all they have achieved is to make the deep divisions within the European Union more obvious,” explained Judit Varga.

She noted that although there were 15 member states that joined the case, it is not the number of those intervening in such proceedings that matters but the correct interpretation of EU law, such as the separation of national and EU competence.

Judit Varga

“In addition to Hungary having solid legal arguments based on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the Union in the current proceedings, 3.7 million Hungarians expressed their support for the Child Protection Act in a referendum last April,” she pointed out.

“In the autumn, we will put further measures before Parliament. Hungary will have the strictest child protection legislation in Europe because, for us, there is no compromise on child protection,”

the minister concluded.

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