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Newest Countryside Stadium: Finishing Touches Are Underway

Hungary Today 2024.05.09.

Landscaping and finishing touches are underway at the Nyíregyháza Town Stadium (Városi Stadion) in northeastern Hungary, writes Világgazdaság. The 8,150-seat facility is being built under the National Stadium Development Program with the help of the government, with a budget of more than HUF 19 billion (EUR 49 million). It will be opened in accordance with the modern UEFA-2 category requirements.

The landscaping and finishing touches are underway at the Nyíregyháza City Stadium, so there is a good chance that the players of Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC, newly promoted to the top flight of the Hungarian football league system, the OTP Bank Liga NB I, will be able to take possession of the stadium before the start of the next season.

The plan of the stadium. Photo via Facebook/Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC

The multifunctional stadium will not only be used for football matches, but also for concerts and other events.

The arena will meet modern UEFA-2 category requirements.


UEFA stadium categories are categories for football stadiums laid out in UEFA’s Stadium Infrastructure Regulations. Using these regulations, stadiums are rated as category one, two, three, or four in ascending ranking order. A stadium must be rated as category four in order to host games in the playoffs of the qualifying stage for the UEFA Champions League, or any game in the main competition. Category four is also required to host any game in the main competition of the UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League, UEFA Nations League, or the UEFA European Championship final tournament.

Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC defeated Gyirmót FC Győr 3-1 on Sunday evening to clinch promotion to the top flight of Hungarian football league system and secure the league title. These successes would not have been possible without the club’s president, Bálint Révész, who has been a steadfast supporter of the club in recent years. “From Monday, I am already dealing with the NB I championship. We would like to start the top league with a stable team and with dignity. There will be some changes in the squad, but not many,” the businessman said proudly.

As reported by Világgazdaság, the Révész Group is one of Hungary’s most prominent logistics service providers, with Bálint Révész as its founder, owner, and top executive. The company has more than

  • 500 vehicles
  • 103,000 square meters of warehouse space
  • over 1000 employees
  • 14 different services.

The portal also pointed out that on average, footballers earn between HUF 600,000 and HUF 1.3 million (EUR 1,545 and EUR 3,347) with Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC.

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Via Világgazdaság; Featured image via Facebook/Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC

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