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On Monday, MPs who won seats in the April parliamentary elections took their oath in the National Assembly. At the inaugural session of the legislature, the head of state asked Viktor Orbán, the leader of the Fidesz-KDNP list, to form a government for the fifth time.

The task of the inaugural session is to create the basic personal and organizational conditions for the Parliament to function.

In the 199-seat parliament:

  • Fidesz has 117 MPs
  • KDNP- 18
  • Democratic Coalition (DK) – 15
  • Jobbik, Momentum and MSZP 10-10-10
  • Mi Hazánk and Párbeszéd 6-6
  • LMP- 5
  • The National Self-Government of Hungarian Germans (MNOÖ) gained one seat and one MP is expected to work as an independent.
Pábeszéd Establishes Parliamentary Group
Pábeszéd Establishes Parliamentary Group

The opposition Párbeszéd party formed its parliamentary group on Friday, electing Bence Tordai as the group's interim leader.Continue reading

According to the draft agenda published on the parliament’s website, the session started at 11 am with a welcome address by the President, after which János Áder will invite the President and the notaries to chair the session, and the elected MPs will decide on the agenda of the inaugural session. The Parliament then heard a report by András Téglási, President of the National Election Committee, and Attila Nagy, President of the National Election Office, on the parliamentary elections on April 3.

Following the verification of credentials and the confirmation of the mandate, the Members of Parliament and the nationality representative took the oath, after which the formation of the new Parliament and the termination of the mandate of the 2018 government was announced. This cabinet will continue to function as the caretaker government until the new one is formed.

The Head of State nominated the Prime Minister during the session. As we reported earlier, on Friday, János Áder asked Viktor Orbán, the leader of the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance that won the election, to form the new government.

President Áder Asks Orbán to Form New Government
President Áder Asks Orbán to Form New Government

Orbán said "a decade of perils" is ahead of Hungary: "there is war and prices are rising in Europe, and signs of a serious energy crisis are showing."Continue reading

After scrutiny of the oaths, Parliament decides without debate on the election reports, and the ranking member announces the formation of political groups. The President of Parliament is elected by secret ballot, followed by an open ballot for the Vice-Presidents and the notaries.

In the absence of an agreement between the parties on the inaugural session of Parliament, the law on the National Assembly gives the leader of the largest political group the right to nominate the Speaker. The Fidesz group said on Thursday that they would nominate László Kövér as speaker again. In the absence of an agreement between the parties, one of the first tasks of the new speaker will be to nominate the vice-presidents and notaries after considering the individual motions.

In the absence of agreement, the number, names, terms of reference, number of members of standing committees belonging to a political group, and the number of independent Members of Parliament shall be proposed to Parliament by the Speaker, subject to the proposals of the leaders of the political groups.


The Hungarian parliament has the shape of a hemicycle but it is usually referred to as a horseshoe in Hungary. After the election results are processed, a horseshoe-shaped visualization is always made, which shows the proportions of the parties and their MPs. This is called the “parliamentary horseshoe.” You can take a look at what the horseshoe will look like now, here.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán also posted a picture today which says “Off to the Parliament” with the caption “The new Parliament is formed today.” The photo features him, Parliamentary and Strategic State Secretary Balázs Orbán, and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó.

Szijjártó and Balázs Orbán both posted the same photo, and several others as well. The Foreign Minister wrote: “The sixth time, a great honor. Going forward!”

Lawmakers of the opposition Democratic Coalition and Momentum parties left the session immediately after the oath-taking ceremony. Momentum said on Facebook ahead of the session that its lawmakers had taken an “alternative oath” to serve the “entire society rather than a small privileged elite.”

Ákos Hadházy, who has won a mandate as an independent, did not appear at the ceremony and is not yet entitled to exercise his rights as a lawmaker.

A body comprising the oldest and youngest members of parliament has found all mandates comply with regulations. Parliament then certified the mandates unanimously, with 196 votes in favor.

Source: 24.hu

Featured image via Viktor Obán’s Facebook page

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