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The number of toll-free expressways has decreased significantly this year, following the introduction of tolls throughout the M0 motorway and several smaller sections of the M4 motorway, but still nearly a hundred kilometers remain free, Világgazdaság reports.

As Hungary Today previously reported, the Ministry of Construction and Transport’s new decree, published in early December 2023, made several motorways tolled that were previously free, including the entire length of the busiest section of the M0 motorway. The decree is in force from January 1, 2024.

The following sections are free of charge under the current regulation:

  • the southwestern bypass of Pécs on the M60 motorway between roads 58 and 5826
  • the M4 motorway between Vecsés and Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport
  • the M8 motorway
  • the M80 motorway
  • the M9 motorway between the main road 6 and main road 51
  • the section of the M9 motorway (signposted main road 61) bypassing Kaposvár.

Autopalyamatrica.hu warns that it is worth keeping up to date with the toll-free motorway sections. If you drive from a free section to a tolled section without a valid motorway vignette, you will be fined HUF 18,750 (EUR 48.60) for a passenger car. This can increase to almost HUF 70,000 (EUR 181.50) if you are more than 30 days late in paying.

In addition, vignette prices have increased significantly from this year. The annual vignette costs HUF 57,260 (EUR 148.50), while the annual regional vignette costs HUF 6,600 (EUR 17) for passenger cars.

It is important to note that you will have to pay on the following routes:

  • the entire M0 motorway
  • M44 from the Lakitelek/Tiszakécske junction to the Tiszaüg/Tiszakürt junction
  • M44 from the Szolnok/Martfű/Kunszentmárton junction to the Békéscsaba-Gyula/Debrecen-Szeged junction
  • M4 from the Abony-East/Szolnok-West junction to the Törökszentmiklós-nyugat/Szajol junction
  • M44 from the Lakitelek/Tiszakécske junction to the Szarvas/Szentes junction
  • M30 between Miskolc north and Miskolc south
  • M31 from Nagytarcsai junction to M3-M31 junction
  • M76 from the Balatonszentgyörgy/Balatonberény junction to the Keszthely-Fenékpuszta junction.

Price of Next Year's One-Day Motorway Vignette Revealed
Price of Next Year's One-Day Motorway Vignette Revealed

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Via Világgazdaság, Autopalyamatrica.hu; Featured image: Wikipedia

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