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New Czech Ambassador Plans to Speak Up for LGBTQ Rights in Hungary

Hungary Today 2023.08.11.

The new ambassador of the Czech Republic to Hungary is preparing to support LGBTQ causes once she takes her office, the diplomat told news portal Seznam. Eva Dvořáková is about to leave Prague for Hungary to replace Tibor Bial (ANO).

“We Czechs are one of the nations to whom the Hungarians are willing to listen. We know how to communicate with each other,” she said. At the same time, she wants to strengthen ties with the local civil society and also, for example, support LGBT people who are in her view under pressure from the ruling Fidesz party and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. “But I do not want to go down the path of pillorying,” says the new ambassador.

Eva Dvořáková. Photo: mzv.cz

I am going to Hungary with the understanding that it is still (italics ed.) our partner in the EU and NATO. And if we want to have these two flagship organizations functioning, we need to continue to communicate with Hungary, maintain contacts and talk to Hungary about everything that matters to us, said Dvořáková.

Interior of the Czech Embassy in Budapest. Photo: Facebook Czech Embassy Budapest

As to Prime Minister Orbán’s recent statement that the Czech Republic has joined the Eurofederalists on migration policy, the diplomat replied that she would add her voice to what Deputy Prime Minister Vít Rakušan wrote, namely that such labeling does not bring anything positive.

Hungary is always demanding to be respected for defending its own interests, so I assume that they will in turn respect us defending our interests, which may sometimes be different from theirs,

she added.

Czechs are one of the nations to whom Hungarians are willing to listen and we know how to communicate with each other, claimed Dvořáková. “I will not shy away from topics that are important to us, such as the LGBT community and support for its rights. These are universal and go beyond borders. The Czech Embassy in Budapest has already this year signed up to the statements made by foreign embassies in relation to LGBT people. Of the EU countries, all embassies except Poland have signed up.

To the journalist’s astonishing question, whether in her role as ambassador she should support the political opposition in Hungary Dvořáková maintained that, her task will be to talk to everyone in Hungary – to the government circles, to Fidesz members and to the opposition. “I intend to communicate with as wide a segment of Hungarian society as possible”, the new ambassador stated.

Asked about the Paks II nuclear power plant being built by Russia’s Rosatom, and the involvement of  Czech companies there, Dvořáková reminded that

a lot of Czech companies cooperated in the construction of the Paks I nuclear units, whose lifetime is to be extended. As far as the Paks II is concerned, the situation here “is more complicated” because of Russian involvement,

she replied diplomatically.

She reminded that the Czech Republic is currently chairing the V4 formation (Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia), and the alliance has always had its ups and downs. “It was never a case that we agreed on everything”, underlined Dvořáková. The V4 was established to strengthen cooperation in Central Europe, which has never been a peaceful region.

Until now, Eva Dvořáková has headed the Czech Foreign Ministry’s Eastern European countries department, and was previously deputy ambassador at the embassy in Berlin.

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Featured Image: Facebook Embassy of the CR in Budapest

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