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Natural Gas Supplies from Azerbaijan Start for the First Time in History

MTI-Hungary Today 2024.04.26.

For the first time in history, natural gas supplies to Hungary from Azerbaijan have started this year, which will make a major contribution to Hungary’s diversification efforts in the field of energy supply, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó announced in Baku on Thursday.

Speaking at a press conference following the meeting of the Hungarian-Azeri joint economic committee, the Minister stressed that those who can maintain good cooperation with the Caucasus region will be better able to adapt to the new circumstances in energy supply. In this context, he also pointed out that under the slogan of diversification, Hungary does not want to replace its well-established agreements, but to bring in new sources of energy supply, and this is best done from the southeast.

He said that the EU had therefore been asked to participate in the necessary infrastructure development, but that it had refused to do so. “From now on, therefore, Brussels has no say in how and from where we manage our energy supply, and we will not accept any guidelines, instructions, or even advice on this matter,” he emphasized.

After his talks with the Azeri Minister of Labor, Sahil Babayev, Minister Szijjártó also pointed out that, despite this, diversification has been achieved, partly thanks to Azerbaijan, as natural gas supplies from the country have started for the first time, with a first phase of 55 million cubic meters.

We will continue the cooperation from now on (…). We will use increased volumes from Azerbaijan to ensure security of gas supply,”

he added.

He also touched on the presence of MOL (Hungarian multinational oil and gas company) in Azerbaijan, and that

they are working on further increasing the company’s role in modernizing extraction technologies and in the chemical sector.

He pointed out that within a few years, renewable energy from Azerbaijan could be part of the Hungarian energy mix, which would require the construction of the world’s longest undersea high-voltage power line. For this, there is already a joint commitment from Hungary, Romania, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.

The politician also welcomed the fact that bilateral trade turnover reached a record high of EUR 120 million last year and said that new partnerships between companies in the two countries were being built, including in new areas.

If all goes well, next year Hungarian companies will contribute to the success of the Formula One World Championship in Azerbaijan,”

he said.

Finally, the Minister reiterated that Hungary is on the side of peace, not only in Ukraine but also in the Caucasus region, where some of the population have long faced serious security challenges. “We believe that the people living here also have the right to a peaceful, calm, and dignified life. We therefore welcome the significant progress that Azerbaijan and Armenia have been able to make in recent days on the demarcation of the state border,” he said. In this context, he announced that Hungary is contributing HUF 4 million (EUR 10,000) to mine clearance and is participating in the rebuilding of Soltanli in Nagorno-Karabakh, which was retaken by Azerbaijan last year and is scheduled to be completed by the end of next year.

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Via MTI, Featured image: Facebook/MOL

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