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National Ballet Joins the Initiative of World Ballet Day for the First Time

Hungary Today 2023.10.22.
The Hungarian National Ballet in Dubai

For the first time, the ballet company of the Hungarian State Opera joins the global initiative launched by the San Francisco Ballet, the Royal Ballet of London, and the Australian Ballet. A webcast, available on the institution’s YouTube and Facebook pages from 7 pm on November 1, will give an insight into the ballet company’s opening rehearsals and the rehearsal process for the performances of Spartacus and Don Quixote. Three days later, on November 4, also in connection with World Ballet Day, ballet masters will give free dance-themed guided tours of the Hungarian State Opera House.

The World Ballet Day (WBD) initiative was launched in 2014, by the Royal Ballet of London in partnership with the San Francisco Ballet and the Australian Ballet, writes Magyar Nemzet. The event aims to provide an insight into the life of companies and their rehearsals through webcasts, offering a showcase for different companies and celebrating the diversity of the ballet genre.

The Hungarian National Ballet is also preparing for World Ballet Day with behind-the-scenes tours.

This year, 58 ballet companies and ballet schools from six continents have joined the 10th edition of the event to offer a glimpse into the work of the company on November 1.

In addition to the three organizing companies, other prestigious institutions such as the American Ballet Theater, the Vienna State Ballet, the Boston Ballet, the Dutch National Ballet, the Canadian National Ballet, the Monte Carlo Ballet, and the Stuttgart Ballet will be represented.

This year, for the first time, the Hungarian National Ballet, the largest classical ballet company in Central Europe and Hungary’s only classical ballet company, will join World Ballet Day.

In a pre-recorded recording of more than 100 minutes in English that will be available on the Opera’s YouTube and Facebook channels from 7 pm on November 1, Ballet Master Albert Mirzoyan will hold a rehearsal. György Lázár will be the principal accompanist on piano and Gabriella Milkovic, International Cultural Manager, will comment on the recording. The broadcast will also include excerpts from the rehearsals of László Seregi’s Spartacus and Michael Messerer’s ballet Don Quixote.

In connection with World Day, Katalin Kőszegi and György Szirb, ballet masters of the Hungarian National Ballet, will present the life of the Opera House from the perspective of dance artists in six group tours on November 4,

offering a behind-the-scenes look at the Opera House and rehearsals.

The free guided tours, which start every hour between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. from the lobby of the Ybl Palace on Andrássy Avenue, require advance registration, which can be done at jegy@opera.hu.


The Hungarian National Ballet is a classical ballet dance company based in Budapest, Hungary. It was established in 1884. Ballet performances began in Hungary during the 18th century, when they were held in private theaters at aristocratic castles. Professional companies were established that performed throughout Hungary and also toured abroad.

In 1884, the Hungarian Royal Opera House was opened (now known as the Hungarian State Opera House). The Hungarian National Ballet was part of the new theater community. From the beginning, the Hungarian National Ballet had a reputation as one of the leading companies in Europe.

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Via Magyar Nemzet, Featured image via Facebook/Dubai Opera

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